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Nostradamus C7 Q39: The French army leader mutilated by his adversaries.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 79  French decolonisation is initiated by Freemasons at the head of the army. Here yet again we have a verse whose text is full of vague, cryptic enigmas but its anagrams contain many names and they provide links to other verses that fill in the detail.

Amongst the names Freemasonic, Persia and Prussia provide important settings for this tale of a French military leader who loses a large part of his army in a foreign land. It is in essence an unflattering character description of a leader whose behaviour inflames retribution from his adversaries.

Anagrams include:

1. Freemasonic forensical arm conclude France decolonise scenario   true deal
2. In principle elder alpha angel guidance educating parent
3. Prussia displeasure denigrated Persia deal via gene traded periods

4. Strangest genes test astrogeny range so entrants pray for pardon
The leader of the French army
will expect to lose the main phalanx.
Upon the pavement of oats and slate
the foreign nation undermined through Genoa.

Le conducteur del'armee Francoiſe
Cuidant perdre le principal phalange
Par ſus paire de l'auaigne et d'ardoise
Soy parfondra par Gennes gent eſtrange.
  1. <Freemasonic adulterer concLude><delarue conduct><mere ForenSical deal>< delarue occLudent [blocked] Scenario><duct enclose><France true emerald decoLoniSe> <Falconries conduce [lead to] true deal><Loise France counted>
  2. <phalangeal /(alpha angel) principle unprediCated [unaffirmed]<alpha elder principal undeprecating[not disapproving] ><elder principal parent guidanCe>eduCating
  3. <~Persia displeaSure negated uia a rod~><~date Periods urSa [Bear] l'iguana (Draco?) paired ~> <pruSsia elders date a Periods><Persias upraised><leader denigrate(d) pairs ursa Poise(d)>
  4. <So pay for genes test range><pandora far< greatneSs><pardon Gangrenes ten reagentS>
1: decolonise, principle, occludent, unpredicated, Freemasonic, guidance, conclude,
2: undeprecating, Prussia, airforcemen, phalangeal, displeasure, educating, gangrenes,
3: pedant, denigrated, forensical, freeman, Pandora, enframe, 
4: principal, scenario, reframe, radio,
5: periods, conduct, counted, radios,
6: astrogeny, upraised, negated, Guiana, poised,
7: adulterer, adiunct, alpha,
8: denigrate, entrants, despair, eructed, goes,
9: Terpander, enclosed, upraises,
10: Franco, panic,
11: Nogarets, frond,
12: darted / traded, posy,
13: -
14: emerald,
15: entreats, paired, Eloise,
16: Piraeus / upraise,
17: greatness, relied, tenets,
18: de Larue (2x), dealer / leader (2x),
19: Persias / praises / Serapis,
20: enclose.
21: -
22: -
23: -

unpredicated, Freemasonic, decolonise, occludent, principle, conclude, guidance, conduce, undeprecating, airforcemen, phalangeal, displeasure, educating, gangrenes, Prussia, forensical, denigrated, Pandora, enframe, freeman, pedant, principal, scenario, reframe, radio, conduct, counted, periods, radios, astrogeny, upraised, negated, Guiana, poised, adulterer, adiunct, alpha, denigrate, entrants, despair, eructed, goes, Terpander, enclosed, upraises,  Franco, panic, Nogarets, frond, traded, posy emerald, entreats, paired, Eloise, Piraeus, greatness, relied, tenets, de Larue, leader, Persias, Serapis, enclose.



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