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Nostradamus C7 Q40: Protestors over Oceanic pollutionare legally killed after oil companies sign gun deals.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

One of the factors that allows the Jesus-clone to come to prominence is the manner in which the conflict between investors and workers is normally resolved in favour of the corporate world. The gift of speech given to the Jesus clone sees him come into conflict with the petroleum industry where he focuses on the harm done to both people and the oceans.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

on USA horizon Orions dozing hours ill hue greet seers Eddan datedness 
Dedans tonneaux hors oingz d'huille et gresse

investor remorses inventor vaunted planet petrol Freeport portunes seems unvintaged
Seront vingt vn deuant le port fermes

Oceanus cause tongued part reformat proton Proteus uses on Seas
Au ſecond guet par mort feront proueſſe

ageing signage realign images releasing Poles protested stowages tested Auguste asset memos
Gaigner les portes et du guet aſſommes
Within casks anointed outside with oil and grease
twenty-one will be shut before the harbor,
at second watch; through death they will prove themselves
to win the gates and be killed by the watch.
Dedans tonneaux hors oingz d'huille et gresse
Seront vingt vn deuant le port fermes
Au ſecond guet par mort feront proueſſe
Gaigner les portes et du guet aſſommes
L1: <shoor(river bandar>deadness><none greets uxa ill-hued datedness><horuxs dozing> uxa tonnes orions unatone

L2: freeport investors vaunted planet unvintaged petrol inventors lepanto overtness

L3: <tongued cause><proton seesauus><mortar uses port nero><once usa fort><dungeon part> proetus oceanus postures second portunes reformat retroform dnoces formentor uncodes guncode proteus

L4: <games linger><regain petrols><petrils ages reign>sport gigas=(bohemond 1st crsd) ageism gearing stouuages lepers signage ageing releasing protested images realign mem auguste aging detest aegis steer
1: unvintaged, retroform, investors, stouuages, tongued, dozing, auguste, horuxs, gigas, shoor,
2: reformat, illhued, gearing, remorses, seesauus, ageism, images, zign,
3: investor, vaunted, signage, orions,
4: protested, postures, horison, freeport,
5: formentor, guncode, uncodes, plotter,
6: inventor, lepanto, profet, aging,
7: inventors, datedness, donates, oceanus,
8: ageing, games, gems,
9: generalis, releasing, memos,
10: deadness, reeling, linger, egrets, greets, egress,
11: hud,
12: portunes, enplot, detest, tested,
13: petrols, realign, tamper,
14: petrol, planet,
15: -
16: proteus, proetus, posture, proton, givn,
17: aegis,
18: portune,
19: -
20: -
21: -
23: mortar, deaden, armor,

unvintaged, retroform, investors, stowages, tongued, dozing, Auguste, reformat, gearing, remorses, seesauus, ageism, images, investor, vaunted, signage, Orions, protested, postures, horison, Freeport, formentor, guncode, uncodes, plotter, inventor, Lepanto, profet, aging, datedness, donates, Oceanus, ageing, games, gems,releasing, memos, deadness, reeling, linger, egrets, egress, portunes, enplot, detest, petrols, realign, tamper, planet, Proteus, posture, proton, Aegis,  portune, mortar, deaden.


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