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Nostradamus C7 Q42: The gods of passion and sex motivate a critical infanticide.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 7 Quatrain 42 The sources used by Nost and their purpose are apparent inthis  the last verse of Centuries VIITho two gods Poseidon and Isis named in the anagrams represent sex and passion. Alongside these names are rare anagrams related to these aspects. There are terms such as pre-sexual, wave related words and accosting that reinforce the rightness of the names.


Another significant anagram is that for calendars since both of these Gods are part of ancient systems; Isis is the principal figure at the start of the Egyptian calendar and here she is associated with the flood regenerated rebirth of the land. Poseidon is part of ancient Greek festival calendars and it is linked to the winter solstice while the anagram for Eudoxus gives the name of an early Greek scientist whose work may well have inspired the backbone of Nostradamus date code.


# Eudoxus: a highly rated early Greek astronomer and mathematician

Anagrams include:

1. Poseidon passion as used ISIS ouun uuave sun avenue
2. Venice canals inside verse guard readers calendars
3. Occitans use Eudoxus ill dart expugn presexual soul
4. Duoditic idiot mortalised aliens sexivalent revelations
Two newly arrived have seized the poison,
to pour it in the kitchen of the great Prince.
By the scullion both are caught in the act,
taken he who thought to trouble the elder with death.

Deux de poiſon ſaisiz nouueau venuz
Dans la cuiſine du grand Prince verſer
Par le ſouillard tous deux au faicts congneux
Prins qui cuidoit de mort l'aiſne vexer.
  1. <poSeidon uxeD isiz ouun avenue><unuueave zeD aS ux is poSeidon><venuz exuDed poiSons><uxe uuave poiSons enzueD>
  2. <calenDars verSe><scanDal reverSe><argued Sin> <inSide> <ungraded> <drug> <guard><SlanDerers evince>
  3. <preSexual accosting><louerS ill a dart exPugn [drives out]><ousted uxe> <louiSe confiscat lard used to uuax>
  4. <revelationS timed> <even moraliSt tied> <quins mortal veinS exPirer><riPer SexivaLent quins more duoditic [atropine chloride- anti-poison medication] ><idiot mortaliSed>
  1. Isiz, presexual, accosting, sexivalent, revelations,
  2. Poseidon, neuu-uuave enzued, inside, slanderers, expugn, duoditic, Zion
  3. mortalised, intervals, uueave,
  4. Occitans, Eudoxus,
  5. uuave, moralist
  6. Venice, canals,
  7. calendars,
  8. poisons, uuaxed, avenue, severe, idiot, mortalise, timed,
  9. quins, relations,
  10. scandal, trials,
  11. -
  12. poisons, readers,
  13. exuded
  14. clans,
  15. entrails,
  16. seven,
  17. Latins, argued, uuax
  18. Louise
  19. -
  20. Vau,
  21. ousted,
  22. mortal, Tudor,
  23. quic.

revelations, accosting, sexivalent, presexual, expirer, ISIZ, duoditic, slanderers, Poseidon, unweave, expugn, reversed, inside, enzued, Venuz, Zion, mortalised, intervals, weave, Occitans, Eudoxus, moralist, slanders, Slavic, wave, poised, canals, Venice, calendars, mortalise, waxed, idiot, avenue, timed, severe, quina, relations, poisons, readers, deduxe, clans, entrails, seven, Latins, argued, wax, Louise, Vau, ousted, mortal, tudor, quic.



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