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Nostradamus C8 Q03: Futhorc charts necessary to date our sadder times.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 03  Younger born in S France castle implicit in gold scheme secured by Futhorc codeThis verse becomes interpretable through its anagrams since they tell us how to read this and other verses. Terms and phrases such as futhorc, necessary, resonant, remedies, turns in Norse Eddas rimes, divulge, day, years, devaluing use theocrats enter and treasuries, underpin this claim. There is a high level of unity in these anagrams with the Nordic alphabet or Futhorc known to play a prominent part in the Norse Eddas.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. A futhorc attaches aurifeous charts revaluing Rennes inelegant treasuries
2. Anne deny supine day years necessary
3. Norse Edda sadder remedies turns Nestorian resonant strand
4. Lily dequeued antrorsely only reason Rosslyn narrates treason
Within the strong castle of Vigilance & Resviers
the younger born of Nancy will be shut up.
In Turin the first ones will be burned,
when Lyons will be transported with grief.
Au fort chaſteau de Viglanne et Reſuiers
Sera ſerre le puiſnay de Nancy
Dedans Turin ſeront ards les premiers
Lors que de dueil Lyon ſera tranſy
L1: <uSe Aries Seat futhorc diVulge> <enteR leaVing Aries uSe> <four tReASuries attacheS deValuing> <~uSeR entangled chart of ursAe uvide Seat~> <theocratS diVulge> <inelegant Aries uSeR><attaches A four uvide rise entangle uSer><auriferous charts treasuries>

L2: <Supine (inactive) day NeceSsary releaSer (key stimulus)> <deNy cyanS era> <can eNd any yearS>

L3: <~remeDies daunTs repels no riSen darts~> <Turns in norSe eDda rimes> <neStorian Turns eDda rimes> <premise Dead rise in Turns> <saTurnin sperm Desired><Turins Dead reSonant rimes repels><Desire ornate ruinS sTand><empires dartless Turns in saDder norSe><treaSon ruin>

L4: <LyonS era liued LyonS art><~reaSon Lily antrorSeLy (bent upwards) desqeuued~><onLy lie narrateS> <dequeued roSsLyn iLl arreSt> <roSsLyn ill treaSon due> <Lily ran SLy treason>
1: dequeued, futhorc, divulge, premierless, treasuries, necessary,
2: antrorsely, devaluing, theocrats, futhaorc, inelegant, chatters, Rosslyn, Rosalyn, desired,
3: narrate, async, auriferous,
4: attaches, leaving, narrates, charts, sandy, turns, Lily,
5: remedies, croft,
6: entangle, strand, torch,
7: ceys,
8: peurile, releaser, daunts, neaten, give,
9: Saturnin, haste / heats,
10: vuide,
11: Nestorian, ruins,
12: deny,
13: resonant,
14: supine, chart, reside,
15: remands,
16: sperm,
17: saddens, align,
18: dreads / sadder, yesno, Eddas,
19: empires / premise, primes, day,
20: aunts, years,
21: chaste / cheats / scathe,
22: Armand, Tudor, argo,
23: -

necessary, premierless, treasuries, divulge, dequeued, futhorc, antrorsely, devaluing, theocrats, inelegant, futhaorc, Rosslyn, narrates, desired, auriferous, charts, attaches, Lily, torch, leaving, remedies, strand, entangle, ceys, releaser, Nestorian, ruins, deny, resonant, supine, chart, reside, Eddas, day, years, sadder, premise.

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