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Nostradamus C8 Q6: The bitter debate of the 16thC where N. sides with Protestants.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of the first line take the story along a well defined path involving a middle eastern fuel cartel and this is a tale with which we know is true in our own times. This being the case the anagrams of the second line shape a completely different theme. When I took the discovered words and tried to form adjacent sequences it became apparent it was about the publication of a religious work that denigrated the role of Yule or Xmas and focussed entirely on Easter.This is borne out through anagrams saying put tiLetanuS SubliMate naSty eaSter print (ſtainte Lu - yſant - print - Malte ſubi -t ſera e)'

# Jodocus Tiletanus (birth name Josse Ravestein) was a Roman Catholic writer and a harsh critic of the expanding reformation movement who was prominent at the time that Nostradamus wrote this prophecy. His most notable work was published in 1568, the year of Nostradamus' death and it illustrates his place in religious debate at that time.

The book was called " An essay in the Defence of the holy Tridentine council ( Council of Trent ), which in fact pertains to religion and the Christian doctrine, responding to criticism and examination by Martin Chemnitius, Minister of the Church of Brunswick.There is another name contained within the anagrams that is given in the title of this book and that is Martinus (n Mauris t). It appears in the third line together with anagrams for Nostradame (te Sardon Ma) and Nostradamus-rite ( don Mauris traite) and forms a sequence which says adores air Martinus created  It also imples Nostradamus adores naturism (e Sardo -n Mauris t) and uranism (study of the heavens). This line identifies Nostradamus as having a value system outside that of the Roman Catholic church.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Cartel gulf urge early on apparent panoply
Clarte fulgure a Lyon apparante

Tiletanus unstately print Martin subtitles Yules subtleties suitable sublimate Easter
Luyſant print Malte ſubit ſera eſtainte

Nostradame Martinus uranism naturism trait created unseparated adornments Nostradamus-rites
Sardon Mauris traitera decepuante

infant gene leave olden codes track his son
Geneue a Londes a coq trahyſon fainte
Lighting and brightness are seen at Lyons shining,
Malta is taken, suddenly it will be extinguished.
Sardon, Maurice will act deceitfully,
Geneva to London, feigning treason towards the cock
Clarte fulgure a Lyon apparante
Luyſant print Malte ſubit ſera eſtainte
Sardon Mauris traitera decepuante
Geneue a Londes a coq trahyſon fainte

The relevance of the Council of Trent to Nostradamus' commentary is made clear by this extract from Wikipedia

As well as decrees, the Council [of Trent] issued condemnations of what it defined to be heresies committed by Protestantism and, in response to them, key statements and clarifications of the Church's doctrine and teachings. These addressed a wide range of subjects, including scripture, the Biblical canon, sacred tradition, original sin, justification, salvation, the sacraments, the Mass and the veneration of Saints.
L1:<earLy on a gulf Cartel apparent><apparent only a fuel Cartel urge><Central gulf tr-ue><onLy argue fuel Cartel><alter tranCe><~panopLy (vast array) argue a Central refutal~><Central gulf-uater / fulgurate (like lightning) earLy on>

L2: <~Suitable rateS in unStateLy m eaSt~>~<buSiest Metal print unStateLy Saint era~><naSty print SubliMate eaSter Saint><SubliterateS inState yuLe><naSty bitS print eaSter anti yuLe aMuletS><Saint era Subtleties><~ tiLetanuS SubliMate naSty eaSter print~>

L3: <noStradaMus-rite><adoreS air Martinus created><adoreS naturism / uranisM (heaven worship/ uranium) trait><on unseparated astrariuM><unSeat radon astrariuM depreciate><randoM depreciate unSeat star><radiuM-rations rateS created>noStradame adornMentS radiate straiter eradicate

L4: <infant Gene><q-uote case d-efeating hary Son aLone><~case q-uote a oLden faShyon in Gene art><art in faShyon><geneti-q art fashyon>
1: subliterates, subtleties, subtitles, unstately, fulgurate, panoply,
2: unseparated, sublimate, arseniate, unsalty, radiate, Lyaeus,
3: Martinus, suitable, straiter, uranism, Istria, gulf,
4: apparent, astatine, amulets, infant,
5: Nostradame, Tiletanus, antigene, refutal, Eugene,
6: adornments, spirant, central, falter,
7: roasted, bluest, subtle, nasty, flute, shy,
8: early / layer,
9: Nostredam, artist / traits / strait, trait,
10: busiest, tubes,
11: deacons, tribes,
12: metals, trance,
13: Antares,
14: -
15: cartel / claret, bites,
16: ascend / dances / decans, bits,
17: instate,
18: -
19: lancet, tirade, Yules, 
20: alone,
21: taints, salute,
22: random, monad, unseat, faint.
23: -

unstately, fulgurate (lightning), panoply, subliterates, subtleties, sublimate, unseparated, metals, Martinus, uranism, suitable, straiter, Istria, gulf, cartel, alone, apparent, Nostradame, trance, refutal, Tiletanus, nasty, adornments, salute, busiest, amulets, early, Yules, central, infant, deacons, random, tirade, falter.


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