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Nostradamus C8 Q07: Climate change reduces the quality and quantity of food.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Ill events impacting on the world late this century mean mills receives no rain  and populations are starving and turn to ancient ways of coping. Instead mills receive radon and so people that used to produce wheat based vermicelli turn to using hard beans while a city will resanctify dynastic syndicates fanatism about the way Mayan culture coped with such extremes. The  Asian lands are not immune so they ordain the eating of any relic even if it has been preserved using arsenic.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

vermicelli mill radon internal millenia receive
Verceil Milan donra intelligence

city dynastic syndicate resanctify arsenic fears it petal dye deadens
Dedans Tycin ſera faite la paye

courier repairs Persian unease guanase pagans-fuse flora conferral
Courir par Siene eau ſang feu par Florence

unique heroic hard unstable Mayanist amanitas Asian nasty fanatism envy
Vnique choir d'hault en bas faiſant may
Vercelli, Milan will give the news,
the wound will be given at Pavia.
To run in the Seine, water, blood and fire through Florence
the unique fall from high to low corrupts May
Verceil Milan donra intelligence
Dedans Tycin ſera faite la paye
Courir par Siene eau ſang feu par Florence
Vnique choir d'hault en bas faiſant maye
L1: <~Vergence i retain ill cliMe on land~><~lMi (951) telling land receiVe no rain><Millenia adorn / radon><and telling Mill c receiVe no rain><and Vermicelli reliant on>internal

L2: <syndicate payeD late><eyeD dynasTic><nasTy Deed pay late Since it afar><reSancTify Deadens late pay> <saDden ciTy><nasTy Deed pay arSenic><nasTy francaiSe Deed pay late>fearS /Safer

L3: <perSian Courier uneaSe><conFerral up><fang repairS uneaSe>la-Ferron (friend of Jules Scaliger, Agen)

L4: <heroic quin had unstable fanatiSm (fanaticism)><chique enVy Stamina> aSian mainStay absent
1: millennia-covered, Vermicelli, resanctify, asyndetic / syndicate, dynastic, fantasias, Mayanist, fanatism, internal, receive, city, cyst,
2: conferral, huntable, francaise, unstable, amanitas, liminal, vergence, Raidho,
3: millenia, Herodic, ten-days, dynast, qvin,
4: LaFerron, Rafita, fangs,
5: stamina, guanase, nausea,
6: vnique, Pilate, choir, clime,
7: absent, nasty, fang,
8: chique, courier, heroic, unease, envy,
9: quince,
10: bent,
11: -
12: arsenic, ordain / radion,
13: hard,
14: reliant,
15: -
16: -
17: mill, beans,
18: Ranni, bans,
19: -
20: repairs, flora, Nasau,
21: plate / petal,
22: had,
23: deaden, relic, Asia.

 Mayanist, fanatism, city, receive, resanctify, dynastic, syndicate, internal, conferral, unstable, vergence, francaise, huntable, Herodic, Pilate, millenia, amanitas, stamina, guanase, unique, clime, nasty, cyst, nausea, absent, chique, heroic, courier, bent, unease, envy, hard, beans, Vermicelli, mill, reliant, Nasau, repairs, flora, petal, deaden, Asia, relic, arsenic, ordain.

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