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Nostradamus C8 Q8: Late in the 21stC the Mother of Jesus-clone conceives via a rebel.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The clues in this verse show all the patterning styles used by Nostradamus. In both the text and anagrams there are references that tie together through a web of interwoven verses.

In the text the reference to rape and a bride provide a link to the conception stage of the Jesus clone while the style of the text has resonance with his bandit upbringing. The anagrams in this verse include the name Yesus, and refers to Galilea, and illegal, guerilla all of which give strength to the idea that this verse is another in the story of the Jesus-clone, the antichrist mentioned openly in some verses.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

interned nonassented noted freemens peers enlisted- intern sadden entones donates enn
Pres de linterne dans de tonnes fermez

Chivaz fear Galilea men hence via fz ( chord or tone) opera guerilla male  - Europa illegal name millage
Chiuaz fera pour l'aigle la menee

Ulysses freemen sells Yesus genes - Yules cause less Seas
L'eſleu caſſe luy ſes gens enfermez

Poets use emm needed part sadden Saturnin - dead turns reappoints use transpire - perspirant  pertains
Dedans Turin rapt eſpouſe emmenee
Near Focia enclosed in some tuns
Chiuaz will plot for the eagle.
The elected one driven out, he and his people shut away
rape with Turin, the bride led away.
Pres de linterne dans de tonnes fermez
Chiuaz fera pour l'aigle la menee
L'eſleu caſſe luy ſes gens enfermez
Dedans Turin rapt eſpouſe emmenee
L1: <nonassented interned slide><deadens not freemens preszed><enter seed line>resiled donates mennefers none sadden and remez(allegory) desprez sonnet enlisted splintered tonne

L2: <illegal name pour fear><hear al-zufi menace>europa guerilla millage grail agile opera hence agiel gamaliel(dscndnt of benj) uproar chi galilea riual uiral

L3: < cause ulysses sell genes><else genes uselessly cause><freemens genes>remez(allegory) scales clause glueyness yesus yule mennefers causeless causes uuellesley

L4: <edda turns in part seem men espouse><poets use emm> pertains denudates perspirant reappoints transpire saturnin sadden mem needed memes
1: nonassented, glueyness, causeless, Ulysses, depresz / pressed, preszed,
2: denudates, Gamaliel, Mennefers (2x),
3: millage, illegal, freemens (2x), freemen,
4: reappoints, perspirant, enlisted,  turns,
5: guerilla,
6: peerz,
7: transpire, donates, Yesus,
8: daunts, causes,
9: Saturnin, Galilea, resiled,
10: -
11: pertains / painters,
12: poets,
13: interned, opera,
14: grail, cases,
15: entones, Europa, enamel, legal,
16: -
17: pertain, lined,
18: -
19: espouse, Yules,
20: aunts,
21: -
22: clause,
23: spouse, deaden, hence,

Ulysses, pressed, nonassented, glueyness, causeless, pressed, reappoints, perspirant, denudates, illegal, millage, reappoints, guerilla, enlisted, transpire, freemens, peers, Saturnin, donates, Galilea, pertains, sells, interned, Yesus, poets, espouse, Europas, opera, entones, cause, deaden, Seas, hence, Yules, spouse, aunts deaden.


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