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Nostradamus C8 Q10: Antwerp suffers toluate poisoning leading to riots. Copyright - A. Webber 2015

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

nature danger Grand-Ourse (Big Bear) ordinates lead Antwerp annuals
Puanteur grande ſortira de Lauſanne

Ursae original unglorified equisonant runa-equations religion quantified
Qu'on ne ſaura l'origine du fait

lone men treat toluates short threat elongating elegant oil outlet in molten torment
Lon mettra hors toute la gent loingtaine

few pile up ice-wave relates danger fiat freed
Feu veu au ciel peuple eſtranger deffa
A great stench will come from Lausanne,
but they will not know its origin,
they will put out all people from distant places,
fire seen in the sky, a foreign nation defeated.
Puanteur grande ſortira de Lauſanne
Qu'on ne ſaura l'origine du fait
Lon mettra hors toute la gent loingtaine
Feu veu au ciel peuple eſtranger deffait
L1: <antuuerp read denigrators annuals><annuals read ordinates><nature danger usa sort air deal><usa lead up nature grand rioters>grand-ourse(great bear) urgent tirade annes

L2: <~none quit auras original feud><equisonant aural feuding><~religion auras fund-equation~><~auras ungloified n-equations~><noun quantified ursae><original feud unreason quit><a feuding arousal none quit> annes oannes lunar runa

L3: <giant oil sort out elegant matter><entailing a short torment><sort out giant oil elegant threat><~entail elongating metatron short outlet><<stouter angel molten throat><limonene><antigen><toluates> tag genital

L4: <feuv generates tariffed><ice uuave><daffier / affired reagents><reset danger><leucippe uuave relates gender><peleus grant><nearest greed><uueave fit><grant sleep> vueft steer
1: lunarequations, runaequations, unglorified, quantified, elongating, equisonant, metathron, entailing, original, leucippe, antuuerp, feuding, annuals, oilrig, ananus,
2: ligation, religion, quinton, toluates, arousal, origin, throat, unfied,
3: denigrators, grandourse, tariffed, limonene, orrhas, uueave, torah,
4: sorath, orrha,
5: stranger, aeolusar, daffier, tarried, uuave,
6: unreason, outlets, elation, urgent, cauu,
7: metatron, iffated, toluate, dilater, regrant, threat,
8: ordinates, elating, gelatin, unfed,
9: laserpent, short,
10: ingot, feuv,
11: antigen, legate,
12: aqti,
13: molten,
14: online, noun,
15: torment, storied,
16: -
17: rioters, aegle, eagle,
18: stouter, elegant, outlet, triad, aural, laura, giro,
19: tirade, auras,
20: grandeur, generates, teenagers, stout, nasau, defer, freed,
21: oannes,
22: prelates, giant,
23: -

unglorified, equisonant, runa-equations, quantified, annuals, elongating, original, Grand-Ourse, ordinates, entailing, Antwerp, feuding, oilrig, toluates, arousal, throat, threat, origin, limonene, antigen, dilater, Ananus, religion, torah, denigrators, torment, Metatron, wave, tariffed, short, outlets, rioters, weave, elegant, aural, tirade, molten.

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