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Nostradamus C8 Q11: Brutal public executions of rioters at airports follow gundeals.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

One of the developments that makes the latter part of this century tumultuous is the ever-present torrent of refugees created by the great mutations of the Earth. This in turn gives rise to riots and draconian ways to quell the rioters. In this verse one of the triggers for rioting is the employment of armed troops at airports since such deals mean gundealers become the most prosperous businesses of the late 21st century.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

up line percievance inspiratory rioters evisceration creative vaccine ratios votaries reactive
Peuple infiny paroiſtre a Vicence

sane forces offer[e]nces allures rulers allauuebrs basal bias equalis[e]
Sans force feu bruſler la Baſilique

preludes precede gundealers age feed drafting Eddan prevalence
Pres de Lunage deffait grand de Valence

quadripoles equip veins Persian Emperor pander
Lors que Veniſe par more prendra pique
A multitude of people will appear at Vicenza
without force, fire to burn the Basilica.
Near Lunage the great one of Valenza defeated
at a time when Venice takes up the quarrel through annoyance
Peuple infiny paroiſtre a Vicence
Sans force feu bruſler la Baſilique
Pres de Lunage deffait grand de Valence
Lors que Veniſe par more prendra pique
L1: <airports vaccine><pray evisceration><perceivance line up inspiratory><pence line up creative / reactive> votaries transceive ratios science

L2: < fans force allar-uuebbers><quanes coffers> isil

L3: <gundealers pence><fed fiat agen repulsed><eddan gundeals prevalence> enclave

L4: <even persia emperor><more persian> equip pensive quadripoles
1: allaruuebbers, evisceration, inspiratory, quadripole, perceivance, basilisque, pyroanist, prevalence, creative, reactive, vaccine, efforce, emperor,
2: voracities, transcieve, transceive, viscerate, votaries, rabelais, raisable, silique, coffers, scoffer, subrule, presence,
3: priquand, requoils, precedes, enclave, valence, univese, breuus, bureus,
4: trading, gratian, enlaved, queve, leave,
5: gundealers, confers, rapid, breuu,
6: pensive, vespine,
7: iffated, salique,
8: -
9: allures, forces, pence, pence,
10: unsealed, basal,
11: gundeal, rating, avert,
12: preludes, repulsed, unpile, averts, starve, vaster, arable, elarab, blurs, creeps,
13: -
14: venue,
15: vice,
16: venal,
17: rioters, queans,
18: rubles, rulers,
19: impresa, pamiers,
20: -
21: elfin,
22: airports, seliuq, creep,
23: -

inspiratory, evisceration, quadripole, perceivance, creative, prevalence, Emperor, vaccine, voracities, transceive, gundealers, votaries, trading, presence, precedes, airports, allures, forces, rioters, avert, venue, rulers, vice, equip, spear, freed, core, sin.

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