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Nostradamus C8 Q12: The breeding experiments that alter man's destiny pass into law.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 12 A person central to breeding experiments will come to the Milan area (Vicenza?)The anagrams of this verse carry the same tones as found in the verses related to the great mutations destined for mankind at the end of this century.


It also carries the same story line as surrounsing verses in which research into genetics in the regions around Milan are impacted by adverse radiation incidents that affect experiments on cloning humans.



The major anagrams providing the structure include:

1. Buffalo airports ratios persuade Austria paper Apep flora appear
2. Plotter deterrence hillsman re-enter dead animals demands Islam unhalal protect
3. Roman-rite excused ix breedable ideas dominates foe; accuxe rabble instead
4. Final babe forbear frontal orb flavine zeven zeen liable
He will appear near to Buffalora
the highly born and tall one entered into Milan.
The Abbe of Foix with those of Saint-Meur
will cause damage dressed up as serfs.
Apparoiſtra aupres de Buffalorre
L'hault et procere entre dedans Milan
L'abbe de foix auec ceux de saint Morre
Feront la forbe abillez en vilan.
L1: <Appear ratioS persuade Buffalo><or auStria flora Appear><a Ape persuade Buffalo airports><Aapep ratios><a pure Star>Breeds

L2: <receptor entered><entered deer protect aniMals haul><hillsMan enter deaden core><an islaM plotter deterrence hauL><Mainlands entered protect haLul><Maidens entered core><deMands re-enter>

L3: <i excused foe cauxe roMan-rite dabbLe><accuxe doMinates uxe><accuxe rainstorM exude><foe dabbLe in treMor><istead accuxe Morrel uxe><feed rabbLe> <in caudexes (thickened plant part) cauxe>breedabLe

L4: <~frontal orb Flavine (yellow dye) zeen liable~><frontal orb liable Final zeven><be liable for tonal veinz><~Fern liable venalize frontal orb~> <~Fern bear libel of tonal veinz~>

1: BUFFALO, HILLSMEN, DABBLE, FLAVINE, FRONTAL ORB, BREEDABLE, deburse, ebbed,   2: ZEVEN, CAUDEXES, PROTECT, MAINLANDS, RABBLER, de-Foix, Morrel, zeven,    3: RAINSTORM, BABEL, ROMAN-RITE, DETERRENCE,  accuxe, Babel, bill, Defoe,   4: DOMINATES, FRONTAL, float,    5: PLOTTER, fontal, rabble, anvil, ebb,    6: ENTER-CORE ANIMALS, MANASIL, DEMANDS, RE-ENTERED,    7: AUSTRIA, BARREL,  8: APERTURA, BABE (2x in this verse),   9: LIABLE,    10: venial, BREEDS,    11: flat,  12:  to 14: -     15: AAPEP, TREMOR, DAMNS,  16: MAIDENS, FINALE, Albi, Bali, 17: -  18: EXCUSED, INSTEAD, instead, final,  
19: -, 
20: inmates, amends, Islam, flora (2x in this verse), cauxe, 
21: aides / ideas, 
22: airports, libel, foal /loaf (2x in this verse) 
23: deaden. 

Hillsman, buffalo, breedable, animals, frontal orb, flavine, dabble, rainstorm, ebbed, caudexes, protect, mainlands, flora, Roman-rite, dominates, demands, plotter, deterrence, accuxe, rabble, re-entered, Austria, Albi, maidens, babe excused, instead, Milans, final, inmates, liable, Aapep, venial, tremor, damns, airports, ideas, amends, Islam, cause.  



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