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Nostradamus C8 Q15: An androgynous leader gives birth to a creature of torment
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Mar 2023

The Pannonian verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesHistoric map of  Pannonia & Adriatic regionOver time, the term Pannons used by Nostradamus in many verses as well as his 1555 Preface to Cesar and his 1558 Epistle to Henry, has been translated as Hungary. Yet the ancient Roman  province on which it's based eventually covered a wide swathe of territory of central eastern Europe running from western Hungary, western Slovakia, eastern Austria down through northern Croatia, north-western Serbia, northern Slovenia, and northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Barren Lady & family wars in Pannonia & Adriatic regionHowever as Nostradamus made much use of the term it can be inferred that at a future time the region that was Pannonia is united in a way that makes the ancient title  its most accurate descriptor. And a strong indicator of this motive is found through the ties to the main quote in the Epistle where Pannonia is referenced.

The text of this verse talks of a man-woman who impacts all of Europe. Given the reference in the quote to the barren Lady and her family it seems likely that Nostradamus was describing one of that family's most prominent members.

The story in this current verse gives settings that are enhanced and reused throughout the series of verses and the quote shown above. These interconnections make this verse a core to the fuller story of the genetic religious clone wars in the late  twenty-first and early twenty-second centuries.

Nostradamus Verse C8 Q15 Hungarions Pannonias Misevent Universe ExertionsAmongst the important contributions made via the anagrams are those on the genetic lineage of the Barren Lady's family stating Temptress (pſes mettr) treatment (mettra en t) excludes spy (s deux ecl_ypſseedless (ſe Les de) matters (s mettra) and emotive (vie et mo) meteor (e et mort) misevent (ns vie et m) foretrace  (orcer Et a) non-expansive tormenter of creature (Pannons vie et mort renforcer Et au) since these bear directly on the story lines relating to the Barren Lady period.

Great exertions towards the North by a man-woman
to vex Europe and almost all the Universe.
The two eclipses will be put into such a rout
that they will reinforce life or death for the Pannonians.
Vers Aquilon grands efforts par hommaſſe
Preſque l'Europe et l'vniuers vexer
Les deux eclypſes mettra en telle chaſſe
Et aux Pannons vie et mort renforcer.
  1. <~homam VerSeS [Vedic mantra] 'squaloring' parts offends~><saffroned parts><offer grandson quAils [tremors]><lion [British] SeaS quAVers [trembles]><sharp effort>
  2. <~Preservex Europe virulent Sequel~><versex unveil poete rule> vexes universe
  3. <entreat meets Spy has cell eLse excludes><temptreSs><reStatement><eLse exclude tempeSts eternal claShes><Seems entreat ply excused><each tell menStrate SeedLeSs> treatment(S) matter(S) eSpy
  4. <tormentor force><on oversmitten enforcer><of nonexPansive crEature>emotive confer remote / meteor formentor foretrace misevent


  1. saffroned, squaloring, offends, non-expansive, over-smitten
  2. virulent, temptress, menstrate, restatement, emotive, treatment(s), tormentor, enforcer, foretrace
  3. sharp, quavers, seedless, misevent
  4. quails, tempests, espy, clashes, vexes,
  5. verses, universe, formentor, ply, creature
  6. offers
  7. grandson, excludes
  8. Homam, enforce
  9. matters
  10. entreat
  11. -
  12. offer, confer
  13. -
  14. exclude
  15. -
  16. -
  17. eternal, meteor / remote
  18. excused
  19. -
  20. -

saffroned, Homam, offends, virulent, temptress, menstrate, emotive, restatement, tormentor, treatment, foretrace, enforcer, sharp, quavers, seedless, misevent, tempest, clashes, universe, formentor, enforce, matters, ply, offers, vexes, creature, excused, meteor, exclude.


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