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Nostradamus C8 Q17: Atomic waste befouls cities of the Nile Delta
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Mar 2023


TheThree Brother verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe second line of text in this verse identifies it is part of the three brothers series mentioned in Nostradamus' 1558 Episle to Henry and a group of verses scattered throughout his prophecies.

Epistle quote for three brothers was in Nostradamus EpistleThe tone of the text places it in that period when the three brothers present a united front in several wars that threaten the wellbeing of humankind  across many countries of the world. It delivers detail of the events but by the deliberate actions of Nostradamus that detail is insufficient to fully clarify the time, the loaction or the nature of the events.


The anagrams rectify some of the omissions but it is limited to that which is unchangeable. However the detail provides the means of clarifying each verse by re-uniting it with others carrying the story line.


Nostradamus' verse C8 Q18 3 Modernist Barren Mindset Oninenescient In this verse details the anagrams provide include the impact of fumes (m feu ſ) released from sediment (de mis en t) off the coast of Egypt. Its impact is linked to the remains of Ossirian cities (is Cite - marineS - aiſiron), where Osiris, the risen God of the Dead, was worshipped.


These indicate the events are climate change related and the location lies in the eastern lands around the Nile Delta.

Tellingly the quote from the epistle states the brothers are in the search for death which makes the occurrence of the anagram for Ossirian far more potent; it is apparent it has not just a statement of place but the nature of the sect that is mentioned in the quote. The Osirian religion, focuses on vindication, fertility, and resurrection which is the context of the story line of the brothers which has them as the products of genetic experiments seeking to resurrect Christ using DNA from his ancient bloodline.

In the fourth line there is an enigmatic anagram for omni-nescient (ont ennemis Ci) which is a term for a person who chooses to claim ignorance of everything; they have the capacity to know nothing and ignore everything that there is to be known.  Now this unusual word is supported by anagrams such as mindset (nt deſmis), demonism (monde mi) and  indorsements baseline (eront deſmis / Les bien a). This attitude refers to this century or beyond since the anagram for modernist (ront deſmis) in the first line lies adjacent to or overlies terms such as indorsements baseline .

Through ths cluster of related terms we are given insight into the beliefs of the sect; its members are ideologues capable of ignoring that which contradicts their view and fanatically presenting anything that helps their cause as a fundamental truth.

Those at ease will suddenly be cast down,
the world put into trouble by three brothers;
their enemies will seize the marine city,
hunger, fire, blood, plague, all evils doubled.
Les bien aiſez ſubit ſeront deſmis
Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble
Cite marine ſaiſiront ennemis
Faim feu ſang peſte et de to maux le double.

Adjacent Anagrams plus Anagrams of highest merit. ( ~ means full line used)
Selection Order based on letter rarity, word and sequence length plus line completion

L1: <~buSieSt moderniSt a sensibLe Size><~buSieSt moderniSt baseLine Size~><diSsembLes torn><bit norSe uSez> <Subsize beLies a demoniSts riteS ><busi mindSets Store beLies Size> <~uS tribeS not miSsed baseLine Size~>

L2: <Paler stories refer our solemn sediment><unrePortable demonism loiters><demon routines> <forestries solemner demise><solemn demise refers Proletaries><Pourable indorsements><Paler sefirots> rePeal

L3: <~oSirianS Cities ten men remain><ten semitiC oSirian men><~omnisCient (absoloutely ignorant) iriS reanimateS~><oSirianS inCitements remain><~Cites eminent oSirian remainS~><~eminenent iron armistiCe iS Sane~><semiContinent in iriS Sea>matriCes airtime inSertion metriCian raiment

L4: <beFouled aim fuSe lux pang><uxa aim led to pang fumeS befoul><BodeFul aim fuse> ><double x autometed>tested
1: semicontinent, omninescient, unreportable, incitements, dissembles, demonists, armistice, outmated, befouled, bodeful, sensible, fibulae, Osirian, 
2: indorsement, proletaries, modernists, metrician, forestries, reanimates, insertion, demonism, matrices, semitic, assize, fumes, sizes, 
3: pourable, sediment, baseline, cities, 
4: modernist, mindset, eminent, 
5: matrice, ferries, fable, uzes / suez / Zeus, 
6: entrouble, sefirots, belies, 
7: Minster, 
8: airtime, missed, demise, 
9: Erasmien, size, 
10: busiest, double, mined, 
11: routines, tribes, fume, Iris, 
12: detest / tested, 
13: pangs, 
14: smiles, unsafe, 
15: bites, 
16: bits, 
17: raiment, 
18: plaster / psalter, 
19: marines / remains, 
20: fires, 
21: rouble, 
22: prelates, bless, atom, 
23: trouble. 

omninescient, unreportable, semicontinent, incitements, dissembles, demonists, armistice, befouled, sensible, Osirian, cities, baseline, indorsement, metrician, reanimates, proletaries, demonism, forestries, semitic, insertion, modernist, mindset, eminent, Zeus, fable, entrouble, sefirots, belies, busiest, tribes, demise, Iris, routines, mined, double, size, unsafe, smiles, tested, fires, atom, sediment, pourable, fumes.


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