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Nostradamus C08 Q20: A trade deal on food manipulation acts as a countersign to the emergence of a Jewish Messia.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse gives background to the Essenic sects research into DNA that will enable the resurrection of their Messiah. One of the factors that is identified is the falisfication of evidence to allow experiments on the aged.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

feel USA messia page replicate antireflection infant faction inflate
Le faux meſſaige par election fainte

pronumber pair pump each courier secret sect research rarest outcries
Courir par vrben rompu pache arreſte

vexation deepest ventilate exopathic seed changes apple
Voix acheptees de ſang chappelle tainte

true promercantile nature interact recompile narcotic accretion
Et a vn autre l'empire contraicte,

#exopathic: refers to pathogens generated through a source external to the organism.
#Messia: a name for the anticipated saviour of the Jews.
The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one.
Le faux meſſaige par election fainte
Courir par vrben rompu pache arreſte
Voix acheptees de ſang chappelle tainte
Et a vn autre l'empire contraicte,
L1: <uxa feel messia page antireflection><uxa repeal notice ageisms inflate><faction in uxa fleet repeal ageisms><page i inflate xmases reflection><replace into><infant feel uxa replicate ageismss> aegis

L2: <each pump rarest courier reborn><carrhae(losing battle) outcries pump borne><our secret pump reach a pair borne><braver research pupa morn><archet set a courier pump><apache pro-number> steer

L3: <~exopathic seed changes ventilate apple~><i appellate seed changes vexation><ix(9) notative deepest ache><apple changes entail deepest vote> edessan

L4: <recompile reactive nature><prime creation / narcotic accretion><nature impel core interact><cite pro-mercantile nature><impel a true catenative><price reaction> puremetal neutral
1: antireflection, promercantile, planeterium, exopathic, catenative, evitation, pronumber, recompile, ventilate, courtiers, appellate, vexation, recreates, pump,
2: puremetal, notative, Xmases,
3: accretion, courtier, research,
4: narcotic, outcries, ageisms, infant, reborn,
5: reflection, interact,
6: agedness, inflate, Apache, braver, pupa,
7: election, retraces, cereal,
8: courier, copier, native, pellet, preage / repage,
9: flection, replicate, Perimele, price,
10: creation / reaction, croute, Fiona, vote/ veto,
11: carrhae, deepest, Edessan,
12: changes, replace, uvant / vaunt, fleet, verb,
13: faction, page,
14: releuant, borne,
15: -
16: Iove,
17: Aegis,
18: meissa / Messia,
19: Edessa,
20: sepdet, cheap (2x),
21: -
22: faint.
23: -

promercantile, exopathic, antireflection, courtiers, recompile, pronumber, ventilate, vexation, recreates, pump, accretion, narcotic, outcries, interact, replicate, research, ageisms, reaction, inflate, Edessan, infant, faction, secret, sect, changes, Messia, page, borne.


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