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Nostradamus C8 Q22: Rights given to kill and use younger migrants and adulterers for organ transplants.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Further changes brought about by the great floods include a focus on human organ trade in circumstances where healing powers decline and organ transplants are the only option available to the rich.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

divert organs Bonne baron born none repeal irregulated adulteries
Gorſan Narbon ne par le ſel aduertir

chute amalgra race Agrippan paper naming earthy theatry migrant ramparting
Tucham la grace Parpignam trahye

ill rogue envy  younger world cauldron ocean containers viral ordnances reliant
La ville rouge n'y vouldra conſentir

ill harpie ovulate love grips a lord five fail
Par haulte vol drap gris vie faillie
Coursan, Narbonne through the salt to warn
Tuchan, the grace of Perpignan betrayed;
the red town will not wish to consent to it,
in a high flight, a copy flag and a life ended.
Gorſan Narbon ne par le ſel aduertir
Tucham la grace Parpignam trahye
La ville rouge n'y vouldra conſentir
Par haulte vol drap gris vie faillie
L1: <rosanna irregulated born> <~baron planner sealed true garrison~> adulteries unreparable organs bonne repeal annas

L2: <they ramparting apace><tramping pace earthy amalgra(red soil><hamal chute crag appearing><migrant paper><martha / tamar jesus daughter><lamach(noah's father><auch graal precampaign theatry><mantra grip> grace parcae pig hay

L3: <envoy reliant ill rogue cauldrons><vuorld younger oceans containers><trivial role><envy viral cauldron ill rogue sent><d<racon intervals ill rogue envoy> latrines

L4: <five ill grips raphaeil ovulated> lord isil
1: ramparting, irregulated, tramping, cauldron, migrant, trivial, younger, amalgra, martha, earthy,
2: precampaign, cauldrons, ovulate, theatry, planner, mantra, hamal, grips, they,
3: appearing, intervals, agrippan, garrison, roarings, parhelia, raphaeil, lamach, taming, rosanna,
4: containers, adulteries, ordnances, envoy, rapha, apace, crag,
5: harelip, chute, pig,
6: raping, anna,
7: vuorld, uvorld, rival, viral, rigor,
8: envy,
9: arah,
10: parcae, matar, tamar, grip, grip, five, veto, vote,
11: -
12: draco, grace,
13: organs,
14: sonance, reliant, bonne, lord, gap,
15: entrails, latrines, oceans,
16: bonn, love, yov,
17: -
18: delarue, giro,
19: -
20: consent, harp,
21: baron, aleles, resell, seller,
22: -
23: -

irregulated, ramparting, younger, migrant, trivial, amalgra, earthy, caudron, containers, appearing, adulteries, ovulate, Agrippan, ordnances, theatry, mantra, World, envoy, reliant, rival, Parcae, consent, envy, pig, organs, five, oceans, Bonne, vote, grace, Baron, ill, grip.

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