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Nostradamus C8 Q26: Life events of two of Nostradamus 16thC patrons.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 8 Quatrain 26 Jean Bernuuss Carcassone to Barcelona route through subrerranean cave holding dinosaur bone at Caderonne.I believe this verse is included to indicate the calibre of the people who supported Nostradamus' quest.

Nostradamus' major patron appears to have been Jean de Bernuy, pastel dye grower and exporter of Toulouse. The story of this man is given in greater detail in my paper on Nostradamus Sect. His last name is found amongst the anagrams in the fourth line of this verse while the story in the text and the anagrams can be interpreted in a consistent way. It appears to be the tale of a smuggling route for pastel dye between Toulouse and Barcelona.

Such an operation was necessary throughout much of Bernuy's life. The third line behaves in a familar way for it has a lovely crypticism built into it- The great one who holds, but does not hold is a good metaphor for the dye trade which was in perpetual competition to improve the fastness of colour. These trails can be seen in anagrams such as dyes, surety, irresolute (for the process) and Caderonne, subterraneous route (for a secret passage through the tunnels along the French-Spanish border route from mid France to Barcelona).

There is however another tale of the sixteenth century to be found in the anagrams and it is about a map-maker from England who is deeply involved in the revolution of the difficult art of creating a too-scale world map that was correct for all regions from the equator to the poles. I believe that the relevance of this story is that he was the person who succeeded Bernuy as patron of Nostradamus.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Ancestor sell on Caderonne subterraneous routes
2. My codes involuted dyes worse evils irresolute men ruin surety
3. Englander quit intent Greenland enlarged on World polar-map
4. Bernuy parable often barter demon badge

Par l'abbage de Montferrat bruyne.
The bones of Cato found in Barcelona,
placed, discovered, the site found again and ruined
The great one who holds not holds wants Pamplona,
Bruyne via  the abbey of Montferrand.
De Caron es trouues en Barſellonne
Mys deſcouuers lieu terrouers et ruyne
Le grad qui tient ne tient vouldra Pamplonne
Par l'abbage de Montferrat bruyne.
  1. <use CaDeronne [ Pyrenees town] routes><SuBterraneous reason><~Bareness anCestor uuore ell [letter] on enD~>
  2. <~ur Men scouuer [harden] surety irresolute dyeS~>
  3. <a uvorld maP><~involuted [curving inward] Polar-map malaProp engLander intent quit ~>
  4. <bernuy art forMentor gabbed><~bernuy art forMent Parable badge~><deMon age><Pen bury> Plenary [full] Penury [deprivation]
1: subterraneous, involuted, plenary, gabbed, badge,
2: malaprop, polarmap, caderonne, auuebens, penury, surety,
3: irresolute, bareness, ferrant,
4: foment, bernuy, payen, aabb, baba, abab, abba,
5: denerac,
6: ulcerous, parable, intent, bury,
7: fomenter, uvorld, vuorld, barter, barret, bag,
8: forment, fermont, reuurote,
9: frater,
10: iseult, usrule,
11: louuers, slouuer, aquid, quida, barns,
12: -
13: englander, greenland, often,
14: -
15: uuorst,
16: reroutes,
17: parma, beans, dyes,
18: reroute, reuters,
19: lamp, palm, reaon, ruyn, ruyn,
20: ancestor, uuoes,
21: -
22: quid, bearn,
23: -

subterraneous, involuted, plenary, gabbed, badge, malaprop, polarmap, Caderonne, penury, surety, irresolute, bareness, Ferrant,  foment, Bernuy, Payen, baba, ulcerous, parable, intent, bury, fomenter, world, barter, bag, forment, Fermont, rewrote, Iseult, slower, barns, Englander, Greenland, often, worst, reroutes, Parma, beans, dyes,  lamp, ancestor, woes.

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