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Nostradamus C8 Q27: A floodland generates the starflower the sect needs to bring about the Jesus-clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 27 The family line of the Valois makes money out of price-controlled dyes from their woodlands. It is through this means the Royal family has connections to rulers in the Middle-EastThe anagrams of this verse carry several complex words related to plants in floodlands / hydrosere. It also offers leads as to where the sect searches in its quest for the occult chemistry needed to resurrect the dead.

The anagrams of highest use in resolving the meaning of this verse include:

1. Valoix starflouuer oval axil inflexure Walters flourate venules true fortuner
2. Segmented genes hydrosere bariums muted dyes reside
3.  Ruler predicts X-lines enfix preempted prices
4. Nature events anul unequal venue lucency
The auxiliary way, one arch upon the other,
Le Muy deserted but for brave one & his broom
The writing of the Phoenix Emperor,
seen by him but shown to no other.
La voye auxelle l'vne ſur l'autre fornix
De muy deſer hor mis braue et geneſt
L'eſcript d'empereur le fenix
Veu en celuy ce qu'a nul autre n'eſt.
L1: <for in x rules a true valoy valoix><ell unravels><a runes true value><venus ell> lxi frontier uuastrel refutal venules alix fluorate elven starflouuer oval xli ferron lax

L2: <aueber get sent><abrims horse> segmented bars herse bariums hydrosere ribs erbiums subra heroes abuser rho resh dements dyes asbru

L3: <fine rule preempted x relics><predicts lx inflexure>cipres lexis enif decript xli ruler lefeure(destaples) lefeuer script prices enfix

L4: <cey clue set natures unequal venue> luna lucency vest yule cluey events releuant uualter lauu uuaqen neutral
  5: REFUTAL,  6: UUASTREL, AXIL, FRONTIER, subra   7: ABUSER, MUTED, CEY, DEMENTS,    8: PRICES, LAUU, UUalter,  prices, crisp,  oval, lauu,   9: UNCLE,  10: -  11: EVENTS, vents, LAX,  12: FERRON,   13: RIBS, RELICS, 14: UUAQEN, LUNES, REEUANT, VENUE,  15: -
16: yov,
17: lexis, dyes,
18: refuel,
19: elven,
20: cluey,
21: exil, ruler,
22: -
23: -.

starflowuer, inflexure, hydrosere, preempted, segmented, lucency, bariums, Abrims, le Fevre, unravels, venules, enfix, heroes, predicts, fluorate, Valoix, unequal, refutal, frontier, wastrel, script, subra, axil,  dements, abuser, muted, cey, Walter, prices, crisp, oval, lauu, uncle, events, vents, lax, Ferron, relics, ribs, relevant, waqen, lunes, venue, you, dyes, refuel, elven, cluey, ruler.

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