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Nostradamus C8 Q31: Rites for raising Jesus-clone based on Nordic sources.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Within this verse anagrams such as Uppsalr, Asgard and saga point to a Nordic source while diviners and Vespine suggest the theme involes magic rites. The text has hints of the same theme all of which implies the verse is about the person who performs the implant of DNA into the mother's egg.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

regime cede unfilter[e]d peril pre-equips grander empire
Premier grand fruit le prince de Peſquire

animalism is up diviners brand Bernardin lecture alpinism animal
Mais puis viendra bien et cruel malin

Eddan naivenes reprised Asgard saga firier oil fire
Dedans Veniſe perdra ſa gloire fiere

enmity amnesty my paraplasm (abnormal growth) plasma Uppsalr joys cue line sy[s]tem
Et mys a mal par plus joyue Celin
The first great fruit of the prince of Perchiera,
then will come a cruel and wicked man.
In Venice he will lose his proud glory,
and is led into evil by then younger Celin.
Premier grand fruit le prince de Peſquire
Mais puis viendra bien et cruel malin
Dedans Veniſe perdra ſa gloire fiere
Et mys a mal par plus joyue Celin
L1: <> queries regime triple pierre angrier equippers rearming speed quiper quire

L2: <mule is centre animal><pubis diviners aim> alpinism divines mislain rule eridanvs centuries animalism invader alnaim manuille malinis bernadin

L3: <in asgard peers veins sadden ere oilfire><log fire> reprised vainness vespine argolis pensive naiveness saga orifiel sadr ardas respired draperess

L4: <amnesty plus joy><as enmity palm><you place line> mylastname paraplasm uppsalr mitylene my plasma malice jealousy amas maasym joys lamp
1: mylastname, animalism, paraplasm, alpinism, manuille, oilfire, orifiel, maasym, regime,
2: equippers, mitylene, argolis, enmity, plasma, asgard,
3: naiveness, diviners, rearming, vainness, amnesty, joys,
4: bernadin, divines,
5: parrades,
6: illname, pensive, vespine, luciene, fruit, saga,
7: malinis, mislain, reprised, respired,
8: cinder, goal,
9: triple, graals, mall,
10: reequips, mty,
11: angrier, refire, mays, joy,
12: requips, alnaim, animal,
13: lecture,
14: equips,
15: queries, quiper, lags,
16: uppsalr, ardas, bard,
17: drapers, amas,
18: -
19: brand, lamp, palm,
20: you,
21: quries, risque, squire, erbian, center, centre, recent, pierre, vans,
22: -
23: deaden,

animalism, paraplasm, alpinism, Manville, equippers, Mitylene, oilfire, naiveness, diviners, vainness, rearming, Bernadin, amnesty, draperess, plasma, regime, enmity, Asgard, mislain, illname, reprised, vespine, joys, Uppsalr, reequips, angrier, lecture, Erbian, animal, goal.

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