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Nostradamus C8 Q33: Genevan radiants affect the ovules of those on whom it falls.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this prophecy the events can be seen to be in the modern era due to the many anagrams that link to the story of experiments at Geneva leading to the release of gene-affecting radiants (See Geneva 2065 for fuller story).

The major anagrams providing the structure include:

enlarged  radiants averted danger no convenient event radiates Englander endeavour
Le grand naiſtra de Veronne et Vincence

equip overrated report nature mourns indigen biome
Qui portera vn ſurnom bien indigne

a envious world afire even Agen afraid Genevan avenge Quince
Qui a Veniſe vouldra faire vengeance

my unseemly premise in Muhomed wedge testing gentiles Yule
Luy meſme prins homme du guet et ſigne
The great one born of Verona & Vincence
who carries a very unworthy surname;
he who at Venice will wish to take vengeance,
himself taken by a man of the watch and sign.
Le grand naiſtra de Veronne et Vincence
Qui portera vn ſurnom bien indigne
Qui a Veniſe vouldra faire vengeance
Luy meſme prins homme du guet et ſigne
L1: <an oVerstrained eVent enLarged><and eVer conVenient triadS enLarge><ebdeaVor Strain large eVent><enGlander / Greenland radiateS><radiantS danger none eVer inVect (shout robustly)><on eVent dianna traverSed><oVerrated diannas>norn

L2: <eQuip bi nine or Servant mourn><avert Sun ending in bromine><ending in biome quip>pretoria indigen (native) report

L3: <even agen enVies a fair uvorld><afraid revenge evulsion><Quince age never afraid><veering afar><geneva afire><Quince navies flavoured geneva air>enviouS

L4: <muhomed primneSs><my premiSe><unSeemLy morphines><memeS (cultural ideas) teSting / Setting yuLe uuedge>
1: Muhomeds, morphines, overrated, unseemly, gentiles, evulsion, traversed, endeavor, Vincent, uuedge,
2: convenient, flavoured, primness, Pretoria, glisten, averted,
3: overstrained, vengeance, bromine, envious, Vigenere, testing / setting, starved, Genevan, ovules, Dianna, avenge / Geneva,
4: veering, averred, revenge,
5: evade,
6: indigen, radiates, ending, afraid, biome, ovule,
7: reglanced, vuorld, invect, lunge,
8: servant, ravens,
9: Quince, mourns,
10: shin,
11: avert,
12: radiants,
13: Englander / Greenland,
14: mourn,
15: single,
16: sperm, over,
17: triads, raven,
18: never,
19: empires / premise, primes,
20: astride / tirades,
21: vans,
22: porter / report,
23: -

Muhomeds, morphines, overrated, unseemly, gentiles, traversed, Vincent, endeavor, convenient, wedge, flavoured, Pretoria, primness, bromine, revenge, envious, Genevan, avenge, radiates, ovules, ending, Dianna, biome, ovule, Greenland, afraid, indigen, servant, evade, radiants, reglanced, World, Quince, mourn, over, single, sperm, triads, avert, never, report, testing, overstrained.


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