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Nostradamus C8 Q34: The ethics of the entombment of the Chernobyl core is challenged by war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 34  Lion over Lion victory associated with mausoleum death and tomb via  conspirative laypersonIn this and the next of his verses Nostradamus uses an ancient legend from the classics to reflect the emotional content which he employed to obtain his future visions.


In the next verse verse the legend is that of Peleus and his wife Antigone while in this verse the legendary figure is Antigone but this is not the wife of Peleus.


I believe this Antigone refers to the main character in the play by Sophocle that bears her name. This play is based on an old Theban legend dealing with the ethics and proprieties of burial based on the manner of death. Antigone in defiance of an order by the ruler of Thebes buries her rebel brother and performs the funeral rituals herself. Her actions are discovered and despite her arguments over the morality of both hers and Creon's actions she is codemned to be interred alive within a tomb.

But there is another theme apparent within the anagrams and text and it relates to the near future. It involves both the atomic core entombed under the concrete of Chernobyl on the border of Belarus and the combat that will release its dread contents. To this end there are anagrams saying Belarus atom, ill ion elude best rod.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Conspirative layperson laydown victories only due vipers vortice
2. Belarus adviser varied normal atom combat rules at Antigone  tomb
3. Ill ion eludes best rod outbreeds despite speediest episteme time
4. Boleyn totem only amuse Mosul mob
After the victory of the Lion over the Lion,
great slaughter on the mountain of Jura
floods and dark-colored people of the seventh
Lyons Ulm at the mausoleum death & the tomb.
Apres victoire du Lyon au Lyon
Sur la montaigne de IVRA Secatombe
Delues et brodes ſeptieme million
Lyon Vlme a Mauſol mort et tombe.
L1: <victories onLy due><Layperson Laydouun><rudeLy conspirAtive><duLy ire evictors>pervAsion

L2: <giant Subalmoner cARVeS atom><atom negation dRIVe belaruS caSe><combat ruleS VARIeS need><giant VISceRA uSe a giant tomb><antigen caSe VARIed tomb ruleS><need giant AVaRIceS to Slumber><ceASaR tomb ruleS><antigone muralS VARIed><antigone dRIVe tomb caSe ruleS><deViRgInate normal tomb ruleS>

L3: <ill ion eluDe best rod><Speed orb emit> <~on ill mime set Speediest orb eluDe~><debtors epiSteme eluDes ion mill><epiStemes outbreeds olDen ill>

L4: <a leMma (sword edge) totter moSul (N. Iraq)><boLeyn /beLy totem /motet Mort -al Soul>loomS
1: conspirative, subalmoner, laydouun, avarices, Mosul, devirginate, outbreeds, tremolos,
2: vicarates,, layperson, speediest, pervasion,   adviser, debtor, viscera,
3: readvise, debtors, bely, slumber, Boleyn, carves, alumroots,
4: Belarus, victories, vortices, reductio, rudely, pestis,
5: normal, subtree, varied, loom,
6: evicts, Boyle, motet / totem, vices, duly,
7: Antigone / negation, episteme, vipers, varies,
8: mural,
9: Cato,
10: robed,
11: atoning, antigen, mime,
12: Caesar, embus,
13: lemma,
14: empties,
15: -
16: -
17: combat, gained, mill,
18: rubles, moral, speeds, beset,
19: -
20: -
21: Emma,
22: erotic, giant, atom,
23: apron, tomb / tomb, leuees / sleeue,

conspirative, avarices, laydown, combat, episteme, Mosul, pervasion, speediest, victories, outbreeds, adviser, Belarus, rudely, carves, normal, mill, looms, evicts, debtor, layperson, Antigone, duly, gained, moral, vices, varied, evictors, totem, rumbles, empties, vortices, speeds, beset, giant, atom, tomb.



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