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Nostradamus C8 Q35: Peleus legend parallels modern zealants tolerance of leaders crimes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse uses a device commonly used by Nostradamus to illustrate both how he entered the mental state to produce his vision and what he then saw. This common device is the evoking of the emotions and episteme of an ancient legend, in this case that of Peleus. The previous verse carries an anagram for Antigone, which was the name of his wife but the name in the other verse relates to another tale.

In reading the anagrams it becomes apparent as to whom the allusion is directed for it has pecularities that point to this particular legend. Besides an anagram for Peleus there is one for Aeagus adjacent to it and both these figures represent legendary Greek heros. But there are also anagrams for  legions repeal murderer (nois gel -le par e -rreur de m), Giselle rape murderer (is gelle - par e -rreur de m) and references to parts of the body such as legs and arms all of which resonate with the story of Peleus albeit.

The actual vision is of a future heroic figure of South Westren France who is notably flawed but his crimes make little difference to his ardent followers. It is his strategies for preventing British invasion for which he will be honoured.

The anagrams that lay the groundwork for this analysis include:

Dead lands entered regenerated organ none beat dyes
Dedans l'entree de Garonne et Bayſe

late afternoons oil doing foetal damage amazed zealant
Et la foreſt non loing de Damazan

assuager marauds leagues Peleus guisers beset Ides
Du marſaues gelees puis gresſe et bize

adorns Nord loosening gels repeal murderer names
Dordonnois gelle par erreur de mezan
At the entrance to Garonne and Bayse
and the forest not far from Damazan,
discoveries of the frozen sea, then hail and north winds
Dordonnois frost through the mistake of the mezan
Dedans l'entree de Garonne et Bayſe
Et la foreſt non loing de Damazan
Du marſaues gelees puis gresſe et bize
Dordonnois gelle par erreur de mezan

The following is an extract from Wikipedia's entry on Peleus' wife, Antigone, a name found in the previous verse's anagrams:

Peleus was the son of Aeacus, king of the island of Aegina. Peleus and his brother Telamon killed their half-brother Phocus, possibly accidentally. To escape punishment they fled from Aegina. At Phthia, Peleus was purified by Eurytion, king of Phthia, and married Eurytion's daughter, Antigone. Peleus and Antigone had a daughter, Polydora.

During the hunt for the Calydonian Boar, Peleus accidentally killed Eurytion and fled Phthia. Arriving in Iolcus, Peleus was purified of the murder of Eurytion by Acastus, the king of Iolcus.

Acastus' wife, Astydameia, made advances to Peleus, which he rejected. Bitter, she sent a message to Antigone falsely accusing Peleus of infidelity, whereupon Antigone hanged herself (Apollodorus, iii. 13).

Astydameia then told Acastus that Peleus had tried to rape her. Believing her accusation, Acastus took Peleus on a hunting trip, hid Peleus's sword, and abandoned him just as a group of centaurs attacked. Chiron, the wise centaur, returned Peleus's sword, and Peleus managed to escape. He pillaged Iolcus and dismembered Astydameia, then marched his army between the pieces.

L1: <a norn lent deGree saDden Bayes (16th C reformist )><norn lands Seed deGenerate><none Beat lands reGenerated DyeS><oranGe DyeS entered Beaten lands> <lanterns Deeds><none aGreed DeadneSs relent><Beaten orGan entered><a norn Greeted>

L2: afternoonS zElant Damaged lion (Lyon)><reSt of talE><on lEnt oil amazeD a Seafront><~noodling zEalant maDe a Seafront~>foetal

L3: <~i uzeD egreSs bits See up leagues armS~><bizet marauDS Seers use><bizet Duma aSsure see up leg><Sees bit amuzeD assuager><Sees bit arm uSage uzed><~peleus (Homeric hero) aegeuS (Spartan hero) egreSs is bit armS uzeD~>

L4: <legions repeal murderer><~Danez rod loosening murderer repeal><ruder legions err><giselle rape murderer> maze
1: afternoons, regenerated, degenerate, damaged, marauds, zealant, murderer, adornz, egresses, amazed, mazda, 
2: -
3: longlines, zelant, foetal, Aegeus, namez,
4: generated, lanterns, assuager, greeted, float,
5: loosening, Giselle,
6: -
7: leagues, besets, Sigur,
8: Gilles, maze,
9: degree, 
10: noodling, deadness, egress,
11: seafront, usages, flat, easy,
12: -
13: -
14: rarer,
15: bay,
16: -
17: Adam, dyes,
18: forsent, agreed, beset,
19: auras,
20: flora, beta / beat,
21: Durer, ruder,
22: forest / softer, foal, Argo, arum,
23: doing, deaden.

afternoons, regenerated, damaged, egresses, degenerate, Peleus, zealant, murderer, marauds, amazed, foetal, namez, generated, Aegeus, leagues, assuager, greeted, noodling, lanterns, float, loosening, degree, flat, bay, seafront, easy, usages, Adam, dyes, forsent, agreed, beset, softer, deadness, adornz.



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