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Nostradamus C8 Q38: Arab invaders change French funerary rules as vast floods cover European lands.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the 22nd century the landscape loooks greatly different to the world we know and invaders from the Middle-East will sail into the centre of France on what is now a sea.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

bloodier synodal days unreasoning saving Norn gene orderly role
Le Roy de Bloys dans Auignon regner

eventual nature of sleepy pul[s]e omen loop
Vne autre foys le peuple emonopole

Eddan roles Norse person remap Urs safer bargain bearing
Dedans le Rosne par murs fera baigner

olden Jules casque wakes kin elder denier respire
Juſques a cinq le dernier pres de Nolle
The King of Blois will reign in Avignon,
once again the people covered in blood.
In the Rhone he will make swim
near the walls up to five, the last one near Nolle
Le Roy de Bloys dans Auignon regner
Vne autre foys le peuple emonopole
Dedans le Rosne par murs fera baigner
Juſques a cinq le dernier pres de Nolle
L1: <no orderly genre sauing><days ansu bodley role><unreasoning bloodyer days> synodal negro norn yod nasa deroye sandy boyle

L2: <nature foe><of a true omen envelop><moon pole> sleepy eventual feature true avenue even of omen peleus sleep loop venulae love notevalue enloop funerate

L3: <giba remap norse lands><edda regain furs bear><fear dead person><aeroplanes bargain ends><persian arab> gienab reading gender dread arabfigures sadden bargained reign bearing numerals deranged slandered fabre fraser redden

L4: <jules linqed olden cause><in elder quacqiness>lincq jesu cqin reprised seljuq(turks) caiques casques sacques respire cause endorse pierre linqed iacques respired sqeuus
1: arabfigures, unreasoning, quacqiness, bloodyer, notevalue, bargain, orderly, envelop, seljuq, linqed, sleepy,
2: casques, sacques, lincq, giba,
3: eventual, bearing, venulae, foyers, lenq,
4: bargained, bodleys, caiques, iacques, giuanas, bodley, enloop, gienab, sandy,
5: reigned, jules, linq,
6: slandered, synodal, boyle, fabre, days,
7: regained, respired, reprised,
8: feature, avenue, redden,
9: deroye, fraser, loop, pool,
10: casque, sacque,
11: -
12: -
13: deranged,
14: -
15: sauing, furs,
16: dorleans, endorse, love,
17: bled,
18: spender, losers,
19: moon, elven, jeus, jesu,
20: respire, nasau,
21: lender, pierre,
22: cqin, incq, arum, mura,
23: -

unreasoning, Arab-figures, bloodier, bargain, orderly, loop, linked, dead, person, Jules, eventual, casque, bearing, funerate, sleepy, iguanas, synodal, link, deranged, d'Orleans, endorse, avenue, days, moon, bled.

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