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Nostradamus C8 Q40: 22ndC wars start as a protest against electronic manipulation of genes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the 22ndC warlords around Toulouse fight the Arab inaders on the seas that now dominate their landscape. It is a place of outcropping islands territores surrounded by lakes. What were once highlands are now the place men live and hide. In this verse the anagrams tell us that modern weaponry becomes increasingly useless after the floods because service, manufacture and supply are no longer available. There is only the old technology and no means of replenishing it.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Angels judg[e] Juste apertura (window) apart ruler award dealer
Le ſang du juſte par Taurer la daurade

unresponsive powers convergent electrons  neutralises natures lesser spin  tolerances
Pour ſe venger contre les Saturnins

now a wave plac[e] longer tonal many adamantly deny
Au nouueau lac plongeront la maynade

archesporium mispurchase chimeras centroarch electron labels in spin
Puis marcheront contre les Albanins

# archesporium: primitive cell or group of cells from which mother cell  develops.
The blood of the Just for Taur and La Duarade
To avenge itself against the Saturnines
They will immerse the band in the new lake,
then they will march against Alba.
Le ſang du juſte par Taurer la daurade
Pour ſe venger contre les Saturnins
Au nouueau lac plongeront la maynade
Puis marcheront contre les Albanins
L1: <delarue sang><part a just ruler due> pasture leaders upset just ruler angles apart aludra dealers apertura danegelds

L2: <tarsus unresponsive><electron pours revenge sin><convergent lesser turn> a alertness ruin verse seven neutralises vergence ninurta nerves relents electrons nevers sutras overuse revenges salutes pouvers

L3: <no longer adamantly><clap ouun uueal><not malayan> many negro rontgen ualue montreal malta tonal mayan auue

L4: <archer not electrons><mispurchase in sale ban><not resalable><charm is spun in albaheron>pneumorrachis(head trauma) throne tolerances relabels racism astronomic croton relents baal basal chimeras saleable sealable chore marchers archesporium ma cen c ban
1: pneumorrachis, archesporium, unresponsive, mispurchase, convergent, adamantly, chimeras, resalable, Malayan, racism,
2: neutralises, danegelds, vergence, saleable / sealable, revenges,
3: overuse, Mayan,
4: relabels, revenge,
5: Ninurta, charms, labels, Maya,
6: charmers / marchers, Nablas, Aludra, Ninur,
7: salutes, Juste, spun,
8: centroarch, apertura, Rontgen, nerves / Nevers, grec,
9: saturnin, alertness, marches,Tarsus / sutras, just,
10: tolerances, basal, many,
11: upset,
12: -
13: Montreal, throne, Malta, heron, clap,
14: longer,
15: banal,
16: charmer / marcher, seven,
17: -
18: pasture, Delarue, dealer / leader,
19: -
20: patter, apart, USSAT, spin (2x),
21: aleles, ruler,
22: croton,
23: electrons (2x).

archesporium, unresponsive, electrons, convergent, adamantly, resalable, neutralises, Malayan, chimeras, mispurchase, centroarch, sealable, tolerances, revenges, racism, marches, relabels, Saturnin, vergence, overuse, Mayan, Ninurta, Nablas, Aludra, Ninur, charms, labels, Maya, alertness, Montreal, throne, Malta, centroarch apertura, Rontgen, longer, nerves, upset, many, dealers, Tarsus, salutes, tolerances, basal, pasture, many, Juste, spun, spin, electrons.


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