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Nostradamus C8 Q42: Events that will transform mankind.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse is a narrative account about one of the persons his mind linked to as he used his technique of emotional resonance to generate his prophecies. There are anagrams for Vervandi learns, violent Parcae and foretrace which tie the Nordic and Roman 'fates' into his Prophetic methods. In this instance there is also an anagram for violet which in other verses I have linked to the act of transformation and here we also have anagrams for Persians ancestries, Nostradame, Lord learnt names which are the critical elements for such transformational antics involving, past present and future.

However I believe it would be an error to assume all these figures are a core part of Nostradamus' belief system for some are but allusory tools by which he becomes resonant with persons of like mind from his past and future gene-lines.

The details given above can be seen within the major anagrams which include:

Parcae vary price for far core violent over-reflection
Par auarice par force et violence

Vervandi vex lesser Chinese older fz [stress]  learns ordeals invader driven
Viendra vexer les siens chiefz d'Orleans

Persians amnesties armies salutes Sister letters ancestries persistance
Pres ſaint Memire aſſault et reſiſtance

Montreals lament Nostradame attends strands attained on quilt lord learnt nearmost names
Mort dans ſa tante diront qu'il dort leans
Through avarice, through force and violence
the chief of Orleans will come to vex his supporters
Near St. Memire, assault and resistance.
Dead in his tent they will say he is asleep inside
Par auarice par force et violence
Viendra vexer les siens chiefz d'Orleans
Pres ſaint Memire aſſault et reſiſtance
Mort dans ſa tante diront qu'il dort leans
L1: <violet epic far core><ape Pace overreflection><~aura foretrace vi (6) clone ape price~><olive aura fortrace price><violent Parcae (Roman fates) reforce ape>

L2: <~since lesser inVaders vex an Older zhief~><chinese naVies folderz resiles><Vervandi (Nordic fate of present) learns><Veins Ordeal>

L3: <PerSians anceStrieS><~aMneSties Salute reSiStant armieS Prances~><uSa retitleS PerSians Stance><~Saint eraS letterS mime uSa Peers anticS~><~i Mime SuSa letterS Persias era aScenT~><~armieS PreceSs reSiStant /StraitenS inMate Salute~><~SiSter Prances aS inmates Salute mire~>

L4: <~Satan or quint tied Montreals old strand~> <~quint laMents lord trod Satans ordinate~><~alMoners trod As attend quilt stand~><aS Montreals strand not nitrated> <Satans dorMant quilt tried on><nostradaMe Satans><learnt quint old ordinateS><learnt old quit as sandStorms attained>
1: over-reflection, sandstorm, strands, attained
2: Vervandis, foretrace, resistant / straitens, violent, forzed,
3: Chinese, persistance, finches, precess,
4: -
5: Nostradame, ancestries,
6: dormant, violet, laments, chiefs, inches, strand,
7: Montreals, chief, salutes, nitrated, stands, retitles, 
8: amnesties,
9: ordeal, price, pence,
10: Parcae,
11: mime,
12: almoners, creeps,
13: -
14: ordinate, matrons, Lord (2x in this verse),
15: Persians, sits,
16: nearmost, epic, resiles, 
17: detain, olive,
18: Satans, Sauls,
19: Persias / praises / Serapis, norms,
20: inmates,
21: Leonard, letters, quilt, salute, vans,
22: sites, creep,
23: tired / tried.

overreflection, sandstorm, strands, attained, Vervandis, foretrace, resistant, violent, forzed, dormant, Chinese, finches, precess, Nostradame, ancestries, laments, violet, strand, Montreals, chief, salutes, amnesties, ordeal, price, mime, almoners, ordinate, Persians, epic, Lord, sits, nearmost, detain, Satans, inmates, olive, letters, tried. 


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