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Nostradamus C8 Q43: His use of Nordic poetry for the emotions of family gone awry.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse reveal Nostradamus' usage of the Norse Edda's couplets (ſeron - t les coup - s de da) .

These are used to complement the story of the text by adding that the two deaths involve a newly-born child  puerperal ( ar peur ple) and an adolescent (edans lecto) from pauper (eu par p, par peu)  lineages (a l'enſeig) and leads to a taking the throne.These children are from the Celt  lands near Cognac, France where the interface with Roman culture produced a people whose values still represent their ancestry.

The details given above can be seen within the major anagrams which include:

Eddic deed decided use chose bases paler stars replaced
Par le decide de deux choſes baſtars

Pen weds Cognac cup replace general gene
Nepueu du ſang occupera le regne

Edda's Troy addressed Norse calends seer pseudosacred couplets reads adolescent couples dreads
Dedans lectoyre ſeront les coups de dars

Pen weep pauper puerperal lair releasing lineages engine
Nepueu par peur pleira l'enſeigne
Through the fall of two bastard creatures
the nephew of the blood will occupy the regne.
Within Lectoure there will be blows of lances,
the nephew through fear will fold up his standard.
Par le decide de deux choſes baſtars
Nepueu du ſang occupera le regne
Dedans lectoyre ſeront les coups de dars
Nepueu par peur pleira l'enſeigne

Although much of the anagram-based story is taken up with the relationship between Nostradamus' couplets and the method by which the Norse Edda's include their pagan lunar calendar it also embraces the Roman Calends into the Nordic version.Decans identify the first day of each month in the Roman calendar and signify the start of a new lunar cycle. The pre-Christian Norse also used a lunar calendar the details of which are believed to be embodied in Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda written after Christianity reached Iceland. This corruption of pagan-Christian values Nostradamus refers to as as pseudo-sacred ( es coups de dars) in the anagrams. This ancient book also shows there was a Nordic belief that their ancestors came from Troy and this is detailed in Snorri's Edda. In the anagrams of the same line where pseudo-sacred occurs there is a sequence saying Norse couplets addressed Troy calends ( ſeron - t les coup -s de dars De - dans lec - toyr) which firmly locks in the mixing of two cultures ideas on lunar calendars.

L1: <~eddic deed uxe choSe Paler base Stars~><rePlaced baSes Stars died><decide Paler Stars deducex baSes><caShboxes decided Paler Stars><exuded baSest /beaSts echoS><caliPered Stars baSes cho exuded>aSbeStos

L2: <peN uuedS cognac real pure gene><sudan uueep><paler green / genre><uSa repeal genre peN uued><general uued pure cognac> enlarger

L3: <~troy calends aDdressed on Seer couplets><norSe eddas saDder couplets> <saDden pseudosacred celts> <adolescent Dreads><couplets aDdressed norSe lands>secretory electrons consolute

L4: <linear eNgineS paper uueep><pure lineageS peril><peurile pauper releasing><i releaSing puerperal (during childbirth)><Seeing linear><peripleural engineS> purple pauper upper uurapper
1: pseudosacred, peripleural, cashboxes, adolescent, couplets, secretory, addressed, puerperal, cognacs, asbestos, uurapper, decided,
2: consolute, calipered, purple,
3: gene-lines, Eddic, upper,
4: replaced,
5: address, coups, basest / beasts,
6: engine, hoses / shoes,
7: lineages,
8: peurile, pseudo,
9: releasing,
10: -
11: bases,
12: engines, pauper,
13: deduxe / exuded, bass,
14: calends, Troyes,
15: Patras, stars,
16: chose, dupes, cog,
17: saddens, purer,
18: dreads / sadder, dealer / leader, Eddas,
19: ensign, Celts, uueep (2x in this verse),
20: died,
21: -
22: -
23: electrons, cleans / lances, linear, Sudan.

pseudosacred, Eddic, cashboxes, couplets, addressed, calipered, puerperal, upper, gene-lines, died, consolute, cognacs, purple, asbestos, wrapper, decided, basest, engine, replaced, address, releasing, pauper, lineages, Troyes, calends, deduce, stars, Eddas, sadder, ensign, Celts, adolescent, leader, weep.


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