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Nostradamus C8 Q44: Gold and oratory used by  Jesus-clone descendant to win over enemies to his punitive war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 44  Ogmios Offspring from Pau royals has a modernist mindset linking gold to the realm of the deadThis verse tells the story of the emergence of the descendant of the first Jesus-clone. In the 21st century this man uses his wealth and his eloquence to unite those dissatified by a financial disaster. He does so by claiming the gold held under guard in forts where the populace has been wiped out.

Anagrams of highest use in resolving this verse include:

1. Neutral core unaltered nature gold dooming necropoli
2. Demosthenic pretenders desperate mindset feuu monetised indorsement
3. Golden gateuuaymen outgeneraled Homi mayor
4. Approved reports enter an ordinate for rare Au

# Demosthenic- students of Demosthenes who challenged his monetary legacy.
The natural offspring of Ogmios
will turn off the road from seven to nine.
To the king long friend of the half man,
Navarre must destroy the fort at Pau.
Le procree naturel dogmion
De ſept a neuf du chemin deſtorner
A roy de longue et amy aumi hom
Doit a Nauarre fort de PAV proſterner
L1: <gold true><nature gold><god neater necropoli rule><unaltered/unrelated core looming><rule dooming.><remodulating lone> lodge older pelion outgeneraled louder dog cure eternal neutral

L2: <~demosthenic(style of 300bc orator>fauuned~><pretenders monetised><mine stored denser><unfated speed>predates<presented modernist> pretenders mindset indorsement renders unfed

L3: <golden mayor><my ainhum(port toe disease><yodel him><may unlodge> humani etyma(word base) my moriah roma.gateuuaymen long maohr utagene omah

L4: <vapor enters adroit><approved fort><perforated aura ordinate><aprove(s) ordinate rest><rare reports paved fort ordinte>
1:  gateuuaymen, remodulating, demosthenic, outgeneraled, necropoli, approved, perforated, monetised, dooming, paved, him,
2: indorsement, fauuned, vapors,
3: pretenders, looming, sediment, vapor, gold, mind,
4: modernist, presented, desperate, unlodge, mindset, unfated, adroit,  lodge, dog / god,
5: etyma, Maya,
6: unrelated / unaltered, proline, pelion, renders,
7: delatour, oilmen, mayor, Tania,
8: yodel, unfed,
9: predates, Nauarre, Omah,
10: mined,
11: -
12: -
13: chime,
14: ordinate, releuant, reports,
15: -
16: golden,
17: -
18: recor,
19: -
20: sepdet,
21: deport,
22: -
23: -

Key Ideas:

remodulating, demosthenic, indorsement, outgeneraled, gatewaymen, necropoli, perforated, monetised, eternal cure, modernist, approved, dooming, pretenders, looming, sediment, presented, unaltered, desperate, mindset, vapors, gold, oilmen, unlodge, God, reports.


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