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Nostradamus C8 Q47: European consequences of an accident in Geneva.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 47  This is another verse with places named that dont relate to obvious locations. I believe this is Nostradamus way of getting the reader to look at the context not the actual name. It is part of his use of a gazetteer, a document that lists places by their attributes. In doing this he can incorporate code words that otherwise would be too simple to decipher. So the word Perouse misdirects attention to Perugia when it is meant to be the anagram for Europe's. The anagrams include one for suzerain, a reference to a country that is controlled by an outside force but granted the right of self-rule and in the case of modern Europe this would be the European Union.

Another anagram is that of Razes which is a region in Southern France that was prominent at the time that Catharism was prevalent.  The uniting theme is held by the anagrams which give strong correlation to the stories in my paper titled Geneva 2065.

The anagrams giving greatest meaning to this verse include:

1. Genomist report omnipresent cartel enemies ageing representation
2. Europes predaceousnesss span Razes ruin suzerain deadness sadden
3. Geneva's releasage refer electron poles send
4. Requested seed attuned enter UUest unattested minutes
Lake Tresmenien will bear witness
of conspirators locked up inside Perouse
A fool will imitate the wise one,
killing Teutons by destroying and dissecting.
Lac Treſmenien portera teſmoignage
Des coniurez ſarez dedans Perouse
Vn deſpolle contre fera le ſage
Tuant Tedeſq de ſterne et minuſe.
  1. <enemieS open aging aStrometer (star light guage)><men maSter cLeareSt pointer><repreSentation><Trace montpensier / omnipreSent angeL egotiSm><maoiSte / atomiSe gang report increaSement>.<pater-noSter enemieS> intemperances
  2. <razes ruin coDes dead Person use><euroPes Suzerain (controlling nation) coDes sadden ><razeS (high valleys of the Aude rvr) cousin rouSed dazed Pens> encoDes PreDaceousness (plundering etc)
  3. <once pollS aVenged><~electron poleS gaVe feral endS~><aVengeS feral electron poSed>
  4. <~aTtuned / Taunted q'ested minuTeS enter ~><aTtuned time unSeT><unaTTeSted minuteS ><eminent uSe unaTTeSted> <reSented time uueST aTtend>
1: predaceousness, representation, increasement, astrometer, suzerain, avenges,
2: Montpensier / omnipresent, paternoster, unattested, penetrator, avenged, polls, egotism, 
3: colonel, attunes, minutes, minute, gave,
4: eminent, 
5: genomist,
6:  enemies, aging, retreats, dazed, erazes, razed, uuest, Razes,
7: atomiser, atomise, 
8: clearest, ageing, taunt,
9: uuaste,
10: attuned / taunted, Ferrante,
11: pointer, cousin, poll, gang,
12: detest / tested,
13: Alferes, attune, retreat,
14: resented,
15: cartel, claret, posed,
16: algae,
17: encodes,
18: vends, spend, mates / teams,
19: Europes, gales, Raze, Renee,
20: -
21: terms,
22: porter / report, master / stream, unseat.
23: -

predaceousness, representation, increasement, astrometer, suzerain, avenges, Montpensier / omnipresent, paternoster, unattested, penetrator, egotism, avenged, polls, colonel, minutes, attunes, minute,Vega, eminent, genomist, retreats, enemies, aging, dazed, erazes, razed, West, razes, atomiser, clearest, ageing, waste,  taunted, Ferrante, pointer, cousin, poll, gang,  tested, Alferes, retreat, resented, cartel, posed, algae,  encodes, vends, spend, Europes, gales, Raze, Renee, terms, report, master, unseat.

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