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Nostradamus C8 Q51: The Arab who welcomes the oppressed of the West becomes a cruel tyrant.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 51 This verse relates to Byzantine interest in the concept of an infant who survives the Nazi era leading an Asian battalion in a war against EuropeansThis verse relates to the response by an Eastern leader to news of The Jesus clone. It is he who leads the invading forces into the floodlands of Europe. As he approaches his goal  the reference to 'the vines cut down' within the text implies the pleasure he takes in culling all who are part of the cult.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Asian battalion obtains Nazi infant
2. Precarious Sauior pyre abused Persian Sea corridor boundaries
3. Nonstoical Platonism optimal longer maps prognose Enoch's mine chosen
4. Satans parlay remap local lagoon Persian patron raping
The Byzantine makes an oblation
after having taken back Cordoba.
A long rest on his road, the vines cut down,
at sea the passing prey captured by the Pillar.
Le Bizantin faiſant oblation
Apres auoir Cordube a ſoy reprinſe
Son chemin long repos pamplation
Mer paſſant proy par la Colongna prinſe.
L1: <noble nazi battalions><infant baize obtains> elation ablations infantas ionizable tabellion asian bolt asia zib zain tzain

L2: <persian pyre abused><so usa corio>osprey abderus(hercules lover) persiansea precarious base record superior courier boundaries rosy dub sauior

L3: <enoch platonism map in long prose><platonism chosen><popes nonstoical map><in long prose> notions longer-phonemic comprehension prognose aminoplast lipomata optimal palmation appose negro pamperos maps saintpol soon lamp phenomic

L4: <patron pray local nonsparing pass><persian remaps><long pass>persianmen persian port amperes spearsmen corolla semein lacoon(troy sage) carlo spartans miners cool patrons satans
1: nonstoical, battalions, nonsparing, palmation, ionizable, aminoplast,  ablations, lipomata, optimal, corolla, abused,
2: platonism, precarious, notions, Abderus, baize,
3: Persian- Sea, prognose, infantas, spearsmen, Spartans, corio,
4: pamperos, infant, bolt,
5: Persian-men, obtains, appose, local,
6: elation, raping, osprey, Nibaz, tzain,
7: Enochs / chosen, oilmen, Nazi, Zain,
8: miners, popes,
9: oiseau, zib,
10: Carlo, cool,
11: -
12: Cordu, bued,
13: patrons, Perseans, chime, bud, dub,
14: fantasi, longer, abuse, soya,
15: sauior,
16: -
17: proge, soon,
18: Satans, Enoch,
19: amperes, noble, lamp / palm,
20: -
21: -
22: faint,

nonstoical, aminoplast, battalions, nonsparing, palmation, ionizable, ablations, lipomata, optimal, corolla, abused, platonism, precarious, SaintPol, notions, Abderus, lacoon, baize, Persian- Sea, prognose, infantas, spearsmen, Spartans, Corio, Pamperos, infant, bolt, Persian-men, obtains, appose, local, elation, raping, osprey, Nibaz, tzain, chosen, oilmen, Nazi, Zain, miners, popes, oiseau, zib, Carlo, cool, Cordu, bued, patrons, Perseans, chime, dub, fantasi, longer, abuse, soya, Savior, proge, soon, Satans, Enoch, amperes, noble, lamp / palm, faint,

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