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Nostradamus C8 Q55: Fuehrer's fuel wars in seas off Spain and Africa.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 55 The text and verse combine to give a vision of fuel wars over reserves in swamps and it goes back to Hitlers actions on that issue as wellas the actions of Vespasian as Emperor of Rome.This verse contains the only anagram for Fuehrer (ferre Hu) which provides an appropriate name for the chief mentioned in the text.

It comprises part of an anagrammatic theme based on fuel reserves within the earth and torture in the seas off Spain and Africa.


This idea of fuel reserves is in keeping with the text's reference to casks and barrels.


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Re-entered flux use seen nearer rare fuel reserves verses
2  None exact  as Venus passes outer routes Vespasians torture  vuaqes
3. Eutrophic euphotic topic such a fate referent Fuehrer

4. Jotuns refluent actions span Africa once counzel engluez

# eutrophic: body of water rich in nutrients supporting dense plant populations.
# euphotic: zone in body of water where carbon dioxide & Oxygen are balanced.
# Jotun: Ice giants in Nordic legends
He finds himself shut in between two rivers,
casks and barrels joined to cross beyond:
eight bridges broken many blades strike chief
perfect children's throats slit by the knife.
Entre deux fleuues ſe verra enſerre
Tonneaux et caques vnis a paſſer outre
Huict pontz rompus chef a tant enferre
Enfans par faictz ſont jugulez en coultre.

L1: <uue rE-entered rare verSes fuelx><Enter fuel uSes exude><uxeful reServes / reverSes><uue refluxed /flexured tErrene (Earthly) verSeS>extrude fleuu rE-enters

L2: <none Torture spain SeaS><anapis rouSeS roTten caxquet vse><exact route unaTone><venus caxquet><none uTTer a casquet uxe> <apis (Egyptian God) arouSes roTten venus>rerouteS

L3: <fueHrer topic><referent atan (place)><such neat fate> eutropHic (nutrient rich lake) computzrs-point

L4:<once africa span juntoS (secret groups) rEfluent (ebbing) gluez><fans Enter><stoicz span afar>

1: FUEHRER, REVERSES, EXACT, EUTROPHIC / Petrouich, EUPOTIC, RESERVES,   2: flexured /refluxed, refluent, casquet,  3: REFERENT, VESPASIAN, TOPIC.  4: anapis,   5: JOTUN / junto, VERSES,  6: REENTERED, 
7: TORTURE, jug,   8: FLUXED, flux, jnto, flex,  9: utter,   10: SUCH, UNEXERTED,  casque,   11: AFRICA, jut,  12: FIATS,  13: EXTRUDE, FUELX,
14: chafes,
15: serener, nearer,
16: reroutes, arouses, reenters, chafe,
17: lined, Aegis,
18: reroute, tenant, ounce,
19: pains / Spain, zeen,
20: exuder / reduxe, 
21: elfin,
22: faint, camel,
23: Asia, aisa,

eutrophic  euphotic, Fuehrer, reverses, exact, Stoicz, flexured, refluent, casquet, referent, topic, Anapis, Jotun, verses, Ulug, re-entered,  refuxed, torture, jug, fluxed, flex, utter, unexerted, casque, such, Africa, jut, fiats, extrude, fuelx, chafes,  serener, nearer, reroutes, arouses, reenters, chafe, lined, Aegis, reroute, tenant, ounce, Spain,  elfin, faint, camel, Asia.


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