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Nostradamus C8 Q56: Astrologer guides a contrite pope on climate change
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Jan 2023

The  Roots / Astronomy Origins verse series in Nostradamus' Prophecies

The  Roots / Astronomy Origins verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThis verse is another of Nostradamus ways of rejecting popular beliefs that his methods involved astrology. In his day he did write hotoscopes for important clients but those more famous for that art decried his efforts as not being astrologically sound. In his only verse in Latin C6 Q100 he says in his third line Let all astrologers, barbarians  and idiots stay far off.

The anagrams in the third line go a long way to revealing Nostradamus assessment of astrologers. This is the only verse where there is an anagram based on that root. In that line there are angrams for Astrologer persuades contrite Pope but there is also one of the five occurrence of roots. That last term justifies its inclusion in the current series.

The structure of this word sequence comes from Astrologer (a Le gros tro) persuades contrite (rs peau de┼┐_tre coin t) Pope / Pape (oppe /a). This can be extended by other anagrams saying larger roots in trouble.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C8 Q56 Pope Astrologer Roots Aldebaran secret troubleThere is an asterism in the first line of the verse and it is the name of the eye of Taurus, Aldebaran and in the same line there is also anagrams for correct letter. The lettering alongside these terms allow us tor read correct letter of Aldebaran. Now in Nostradamus day there was still an ongoing controversy over the way to spell that name. It is in this context that the text of the verse makes sense. The herd in the rhird line identifies Taurus while the rest narrates the debate around the name of its brightest star.

The appearance of astrologer in this one verse can be seen as not a source of knowledge but a reflection on practitioners stuck in older ways of perceiving the movement of the stars. Aldebaran is a good focal point for Nostradamus purpose since its one of the four stars called the Royal stars and were a foundation stone for astrology. They were called the guardians as were the Little and Big Bear at a later date but the difference was the Bears were guardians of the Pole Star while the Royal Stars were based on  four equal regions marking out the heavens in an equatorial manner.

The above is the reason I pair  C8 Q56 with C1 Q51 in the Astronomy roots series because of the different place each of the two verses has in giving the foundation of the critical date mechanism in Nostradamus' Prophecies as astronomic and not astrologic.

DATA Section

The weak band will occupy the land,
those of high places will make dreadful cries. 
The large herd of the outer corner troubled, 
near D.nebro it falls discovered by the writings.
La bande foible le tertre occupera 
Ceux de hault lieu feront horribles crys 
Le gros troppeau deſtre coin troublera 
Tombe pres D. nebro deſcouuers les eſcris.
  1. <aLdebaran [alpha Tauri] cup befoil core letter><pure correct a banaL>parabLe
  2. <horriblest cry exCused> <till fourteen><futile throne hauled><fortune lie>north cyrSes
  3. <a contrite pope uSed><pape uSed bluer astroLoger><coresident real trouble> <Larger Secretion trouble troops><into ruble Legators [will maker] prop re-educatEs> <Praepostor English head student] uSed> <reLabel into our Secret> <aL gores ion trouble> eSoteric Sector
  4. <leSser peers benD coderS Tomb crises><elSe uuorse codeS><leSser codeS uu borne><~peer Sees mob benDs crisT decorouS rules~> ulcerous enrobeD


1: praepostor, astrologer, correct,
2: reeducates, Aldebaran, decorous, relabel, futile, deborn, tombs,
3: legators, enrobed,
4: fourteen, thoron, hauled, cryses, crises,
5: horriblest, coresident, contrite, esoteric, troops, crested, bends,
6: ulcerous, escorted, parable, befoil, till,
7: secretion, fortune, reletter, north / thorn, bend, ceys,
8: -
9: Pope,
10: Algore, robed, pupae,
11: louuers / slouuer, gores / ogres,
12: arable, El Arab, Thor, scry,
13: throne,
14: moist, omits, borne,
15: banal,  boil,
16: -
17: bluer, most,
18: excused, spender, cry,
19: -
20: sector, head,
21: rouble, coders / scored,
22: horrible, erotic, libel,
23: trouble, tomb.

praepostor, astrologer, correct, reeducates, Aldebaran, decorous, relabel, futile, deborn, tombs, legators, enrobed, fourteen, thoron, hauled, cryses, crises, horriblest, coresident, contrite, esoteric, troops, crested, bends, ulcerous, escorted, parable, befoil, till, secretion, fortune, reletter, north, bend, keys, Pope, Algore, robed, pupae, slower, ogres, arable, El Arab, Thor, scry, throne, omits, borne, banal, boil, bluer, most, excused, spender, cry,  sector, head, rouble, coders, horrible, erotic, libel, trouble, tomb.


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