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Nostradamus C8 Q57: The soldier who leads a campaign against the expansion of religious ideology.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about the struggles of a military trained person to overcome the ever increasing trend whereby religions depart from the literal meaning of the ancient writers.

Anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

dualist soul impels ape ruined men invader reimposed pride
De ſouldat ſimple paruiendra en empire

burgeoned court ape ruined invader unlodge all along 
De robe courte paruiendra a la longue

alleviant measure genes epilogues eulogise superpiously preys all ill alive
Vaillant aux armes en egliſe ou plus pyre

use repels secret memo  pentalogies failu[r]e poles gone
Vexer les preſtres comme l'eau fait l'eſponge
C08 Q57
From simple soldier he will attain to Empire,
from the short robe he will grow into the long.
Brave in arms, much worse towards the Church,
he vexes the priests as water fills a sponge.
De ſouldat ſimple paruiendra en empire
De robe courte paruiendra a la longue
Vaillant aux armes en egliſe ou plus pyre
Vexer les preſtres comme l'eau fait l'eſponge
L1: <~prime SeeD near loud unpaired septimal (note interval)~> <dualiSt reimpoSeD> <Soul admitS priDe ruined renamed apple> <adult pimpleS epiDermouS> <adrienne prime SeeD>

L2: <all rapture on ariadne> <court be unrepaired> <rape ruined court> <long due> burgeoneD all along route

L3:<louiSe aVer a aunt supply marx ill genes> <natal Superpiously aliVe> <eulogieS supply Vial> <Via Single plouus ill pyre> measurex epilogues purVeys alleViant

L4:<pentalogieS (narrative in 5 sectors) Vex><Spelt failu'e><memo Secrets repels> <e'l emm sectorS / eScorts>
1: superpiously, pentalogies, burgeoned, resupply, vespiary, fistulae, eulogies, dualist, purveys, supply, admits,
2: epidermous, epilogues, reimposed, reexpels, sectors / escorts,
3: -
4: alleviant, unlodge, 
5: secrets, plouu, tsadi,
6: populus, dampener, prenamed, Marx,
7: septimal, Beorc,
8: leptons,
9: plouus, untax,
10: robed,
11: unrepaired (2x in this verse), unedge, Lupus,
12: rapture, comes,
13: Adrienne,
14: impels, court, reside,
15: single,
16: unpaired / unrepaid (2x in this verse), epiderm, primed, spry,
17: adult, respy / preys / pyres,
18: Louise,
19: renamed, rename,
20: sector, ,
21: -
22: avile / alive, spelt, pride, 
23: impel.

pentalogies, superpiously, burgeoned, resupply, dualist, eulogies, purveys, reimposed, epilogues, admits, epidermous, sectors, unlodge, alleviant, secrets, dampener, prenamed, Marx, untax, robed, rapture, comes, Adrienne, impels, court, reside, single, unpaired, adult, preys, Louise, renamed, sector, spelt, pride, alive.

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