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Nostradamus C8 Q59: Asteroids affecting biogens change nature of 21stC wars.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 60 Anagrammatic terms such as uranolites (asteroids) and biogens provide the key to understanding this verse. It is another in the web that details the manner in which DNA from asteroids mutates organisms in the oceans.Anagrammatic terms such as uranolites (asteroids) and biogens provide the key to understanding this verse. It is another in the web that details the manner in which DNA from asteroids mutates organisms in the oceans.


 The timing of these events coincides with the great war between the East and West that sends the World back centuries in technological time.


There are other allusions such as being chased the sea that tie this verse into the constant need for migration during the onset of the great floods foreseen by Nostradamus.


Anagrams giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Parabasis use of Joshua haul has part of Sabaism parade bias
2. Lorraine often conflicted by uranolites codicils Isus Libra relation issuant 
3. Persia prepares Iesus uuiser issue boast curse pulses astounds mob aduiser
4 April remap abuse as Seas crash failing falling biogens

#Sabaism: worship of stars or of spirits in them, especially as practised in ancient Arabia and Mesopotamia
Uranolite: older name for asteroid or meteorite
Joshua parabasis: A side issue where Nostradamus addresses the requirements needed by religious militant troops in a futurist war.

Twice put up and twice cast down,
the East will also weaken the West.
Its adversary after several battles
chased by sea will fail at time of need.
Par deux fois hault par deux fois mis a bas
L'orient auſſi l'occident foyblira
Son aduerſaire apres pluſieurs combats
Par mer chaſſe au beſoing faillira
L1: <his fox due><hauls part><parades bias><of missa>dreux sabaism amiss uxed spread foix iambs ioshua ardeux parabasis(anc author section of play) abass spared shia partula

L2: <often by oriental codicils><russia coincidental> alienor clio alienator conflicted unseats uranolite uranites insulates boy lorraine isus ussat rationale usa oils libra susa issuant cloc relation yob touraine uranolites isil

L3: <rude son reappraises><ruse astounds><prepares uuiles><uuiser comb><suppliers source> a boasts pusil microbuses purples resupplies suppler usuries papers mob curies repair ieuus pulses sirra rondeau cruises asunder

L4: <search pillar arm><searchers abuse so april failing><rrashes/cash abuse><charmers filial>< ramp>biogens filarial marchers flailing(falling) besoin arches crash searches fang prearm

1: IOSHUA, BOASTS, SABAISM, CODICILS FAILING, PARABASIS, REAPPRAISES, RATIONALE, flailing, insulates, alienator, rationale, microbuses, 2: resupplies, falling,  3: CONFLICTED, SUPPLIERS,  4: BOY, REAPPRAISE, PARDES, PILLAR, ASTOUNDS, iambs,   5: FOX, UNSEATS, PREPARES, COMBATS, SUPPLER, BIOGENS,   6: uranolite, charmers, marchers, cruises,   7: URANOLITES, abass, fang,  8: INCOCTED, FILARIAL, RELATION, CRASH, ISSUANT, rondeau,    9: LIBRA, SEARCHES, REASTOUNDS, TOURAINE, MARCHES, 10: CURIES, FOIX, 11: LORRAINE
12: Clio,
13: hauls, often,
14: abuse,
15: aeria,
16: charmer, marcher, uranite, usuries, amiss, missa,
17: uranites, combat, ardeux, parma, ieuus, uuise, cci,
18: aduiser, sirra,
19: atomb, uuiles,
20: aunts, ussat,
21: chasers, crashes, shia,
22: unseat, uuiser, dreux,
23: -

conflicted, codicils, parabasis, insulates, alienator, failing, suppliers, Sabaism, reappraise, falling, uranolites, astounds, Joshua, boasts, combats, incocted, biogens, relation, prepares, pillar, April, parades, cruises, searches, iambs, wiser, boy, unseats, Lorraine, marchers, issuant, crash, issuant Curies, Foix, often, hauls, usuries, abuse, comabat , amiss, Jews, adviser.

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