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Nostradamus C8 Q64: Ruthless deportation of the ill and condemned to foreign lands.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is a commentary on ruthless people who deport the diseased and criminal members of their own communities to foreign places.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

San-Tropez deadliness lifelessness lies illnesses fans patrons deports
Dedans les Isles les enfans tranſportez

Norse portents entoned deepness store seed spore soldier use eludes exuded depression
Les deux de ſept ſeront en deſeſpoir

opportuneness excused Cortez rewrote ensure Norse prop support
Ceux du terrouer en ſeront ſupportez

prison poem [s]pell peril in guideless fugues Yules poisoner use
Nom pelle prins des ligues fuy l'eſpoir
The infants transported into the islands,
two out of seven will be in despair.
Those of the soil will be supported by it,
the name 'shovel' taken, the hope of the leagues faded
Dedans les Isles les enfans tranſportez
Les deux de ſept ſeront en deſeſpoir
Ceux du terrouer en ſeront ſupportez
Nom pelle prins des ligues fuy l'eſpoir
L1: <~patronS lIes falseness saDden rezt~> <fans Illnesses><San tropez (Isles d'Hyeres) lessen /sells Deadliness> <tranSpoze Dead lIfelessness><lessen Illnesses Dazed fans tranSport><danes Deportz>

L2: <~soLdier deepneSS not uxe portentS Seed~><deduxe Leprosies Seed > <note deSex depreSSion eLudes> <resiLed need poSeS><eLders exude ten norSe epiSodeS> <deduxes deSpoiLerS Step>

L3: <opportuneneSs exCuzed our true> <uuordtree Seen> <norSe putS tropez Cue><unSort prop Seen> <Cortez enSure truer unStopper uxed><our serener pontuS (God of the Sea) port exCuzed>

L4: <lefuy priSoN use poem glides> <guideless sin> <guiles dispenser><lefuys poiSoNer guiles>
1: opportuneness, lifelessness, San Tropez, transports, poisoner, Cortez,
2: guideless, despoiler, leprosied, leprosies, deportz,
3: despoilers, uuordtree, episodes, excuzed,
4: depression, unstopper, transport, dispenser, support, spondees, soldier, deepness, excuze, minor,
5: Pontus, Orion, desex,
6: deadliness, portents, Tropez (2x in this verse), dazed, 
7: illnesses,
8: reuurote, deduxes, guiles, slider,
9: resiled, puts,
10: spoiler (2x in this verse)
11: -
12: portunes, sells,
13: patrons, exuded, deduxe, Guise,
14: prison, slides,
15: serener,
16: rinsed, sensed, 
17: duetx,
18: reroute, speeds, Pelle, sends,
19: guile, Yules,
20: Sepdet,
21: rezt (2x in this verse)
22: lessen,
23: poem.

San Tropez, opportuneness, transports, poisoner, Cortez, guideless, despoiler, deportz, leprosies, lifelessness, leprosied, episodes, excuzed, dispenser, support, soldier, minor, depression, deepness, Pontus, desex, Orion, illnesses, deadliness, dazed, patrons, rewrote, portents, Guise, exuded, guile, slides, prison, serener, Yules, lessen, poem.

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