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Nostradamus C8 Q69: How the Sephirot numbering system is applied in the Prophecies.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 69  Nostradamus provides a guide to the way he shuffled his verse order using the Jewish SephiraThe Sephiroth is strongly represented in both the text and anagrams of this verse. Since ancient time together with numbers to distinguish the spheres this device has used angel names. The number references in the text closely fit to this scheme and this idea of number is especially powerful in the anagrams of the second line wher all letters are used to form final numerator interleaves (Et le viendra - ſurmonter a  - la fin).

One sefirotic term for the ten spheres is ' Sephira' and this is also found in the anagrams. The angel reference in the text of line one reinforces the connection since in ancient Hebrew tradition the Sephira are controlled by specific angels. And in the anagrams this connection is reinforced in the second line by one for Rafael (er a laf) who is the controlling angel of the first sphere.

Anagrams from which this verses solution can come include:

1. Usurped  juvenile use began raises persuader basis
2. Interleaved numerators inflate final armours Rafael  Montreal Levite
3. Seabirds usages Pauls views raises Arab  basis
4. Story hinted uxed nvll Hesperian Sephirae times re-emphasise
C8 Q69
Beside the young one the old angel falls,
and will come to rise above him at the end;
ten years equal to most the old one falls again,
of three two and one, the eighth seraphim.
Aupres du jeune le vieux ange baiſſer
Et le viendra ſurmonter a la fin
Dix ans eſgaux au plus vieux rabaiſſer
De trois deux l'vn l'huitieſme ſeraphin
  1. <agen uxe baSiS jeuu persuAder live / levi> <june a evil uxe began pursued / usurped rAises><uprAises evil uxe began> ASSure
  2. <~inal numeratorS intErleaved [in alternate verses?]~><montreal inflatE><armourS inflatE evil end><later invader mournS>eridanuS [constellation] Enif [alpha star in Peg] rafael / aflare remountS
  3. <paul vieuus usagex arabx Sires><arab uxe iS vi [6] raDixeS [number bases]> <uSage(s)> <naxi SeabirDS gaSes> baSiS
  4. <reemphaSiSe tie><Seraph uxe Disoriented> <Sephirae [plural of sephira class] timeS><ampereS Site hinteD><~hulvin lux [light] Destroied heSperian [Western] timeS~*>


  1. 1: Arabx, radixes, Seabirds, disoriented, Sephirae, Hesperian, vieuus, 
  2. 2: interleaved, re-emphasise, hinted, 
  3. 3: usagex, 
  4. 4: Sephira, 5:   
  5. -
  6. 6: began, inflate, Eridanus, numerator, 
  7. 7: Jeuu, Seraph, 
  8. 8: pursued, remounts 
  9. 9: upraises, armours, mourns,  !0 to 20: persuader, Montreal, basis (2x), finale, final. Rafel, June
  10. persuader
  11. -
  12. -
  13. Montreal
  14. basis
  15. -
  16. finale
  17. -
  18. final
  19. Amperes
  20. Rafael / aflare
  21. June

Arabs, views, Seabirds, disoriented, Hesperian, Sephirae, re-emphasise, hinted, usages interleaved, numerator, began, Montreal, Jew, persuader, usurped, armours, basis, begin, June, Jew, inflate, Eridanus, final, Rafael, aflare.

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