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Nostradamus C8 Q70: The tyrant invader hunts for members of the Jesus-clone sect
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Mar 2023

List of verses in Barren Lady life seriesBarren Lady's daughter & childrenVia the third line of text in C8 Q70  saying All friends made by the adulterous lady this  verse is linked to the quote from the 1558 Henry Epistle  shown alongside. In the quote the once barren lady has four children that survive and 'of these two will not have the same father'.

It is possible to achieve the stated different fatherhood result given in the quote through adultery as well as by death of a succession of husbands. So given there is no such tie of the daughter to adultery or widow-hood the lady referenced in this verse is in all probability the 'once barren Lady'.

The text of the current verse provides clues as to the adulterous lady's part in the story of the conception of the Jesus-clone however it also implies it is about those who hunt to destroy that child.

The connection of the current verse to the quote via its text is a strong but not isolated role it serves since it is connector for many of the themes in this series.

In earlier verses the theme of  a religious belief in the Pyrenees linking the region to the lineage of Christ  gave reason to Nostradamus presenting it to the modern reader. In building the structure of that theme the concept was raised that there was a gnostic thrust behind the faith practised in the Pyrenees near Alet les Bains, Chateau les Rennes, Caderonne and Brenac.

Anagrams  in this verse for Manichaes rival (ra vil_ /_ ain me┼┐chan) in the first line and Sophie () in the last provide support for these gnostic claims.

Manichaism is a dualistic gnostic religion against which Catharism, a Southern France prominent look-alike faith that was judged and destroyed by the Roman Catholic church in the centuries leading up to the sixteenth. Notably the memory of the Cathars was strong in the lands where Nostradamus lived in the 1520s and 1530s since these were regions affected by the Albensian Crusades against the Cathars

Nostradamus Verse C8 Q70 Adulterous Lady Tyrannising Berlin Moonship periodSophie is the female entity used in the gnostic rosary which is imputed from C7 Q09  via its anagrams.  Within that gnostic variant of the orthodox rosary she takes the role of female counterpart to the masculine Christ. Verse C7 Q09  is part of this series as is indicated by the verse list at top right.

Sophia as the gnostic female counterpart to Christ

He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous,
tyrannizing over Mesopotamia.
All friends made by the adulterous lady,
the land dreadful and black of aspect.
Il entrera vilain meſchant infame
Tyranniſant la Meſopotamie
Tous amys fait d'adulterine d'ame
Tertre horrible noir de phiſonomie
L1: <fame in line chant><arrive><lain via infant schema><infant machines avail><it inflames manichaeans rival / viral(to) enter> enter feminal chants melaine

L2: <poems aim to tyrannise><~pyroantimonate assailment~> mesopotamia tyrannise mental / mantle talisman laments laminates potamoi

L3: <it add interlude><as my entire datifs made out><adult remained> dementia derailment determinate named

L4: <~berlin retire his other moon period~><berlin retime periods on other ship><ioseph emotion><noble ride on moonship> emotions horribler somnio
1: pyroantimonate, epitomatory, moonship, entoplasm, psalmtone, sphenoid, interlude, spheroid, datifs,
2: latinnames, assailment, Manichaes, trimeter, noisome, amyous, ioseph, Sophie, berlin,
3: determinate, derailment, machines, talisman, nematode, tannins, moons,
4: adulterine, tyrannies, dementia, infant, ophis,
5: inflame, feminal, samech, schema,
6: emotions, cinemas, laments, period, arrive,
7: emaniel, avail, rival, viral, ship,
8: mediterane, duad,
9: -
10: chasten, salome,
11: poems, mated, tamed, other, mays,
12: remained, chants, lament, mental, mantle, metals, fiats, fasti,
13: -
14: -
15: infame, famine,
16: fame,
17: latins, adult, atop, soon, fam, add,
18: aslant, ranni,
19: noble, errant, moon,
20: maiden,
21: tyre, hip,
22: horrible, retained, faint, pride, atom, medea,
23: -

Key Ideas:

pyroantimonate, moonship, entoplasm, latinnames, assailment, Manichaes, derailment, interlude, spheroid, laminates, machines, tyrannies, talisman, nematode, noisome, emotions, Sophie, dementia, inflame, mental, period, infant, chasten, errant, maiden.


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