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Nostradamus C8 Q71: Scaliger's astronomy and dating methods.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse relates to events forty years after Nostradamus' death. The year 1607 was a time at which the new generation of astronomic views was under great challenge by religious traditionalists but it is also the year when Joseph Juste Scaliger's Protestant based scholarship was undermined by the Jesuits. Scaliger transformed the dating mechanism for ancient texts and relied on physical phenomena such as astronomic settings to build his historical chronologies. Joseph Scaliger was the youngest son of Jules Scaliger, the person who served as Nostradamus' mentor in the years preceding Joseph's birth. I believe the method Nostradamus used to date his future visions arose through the debates during that time. (See my paper on Jules of Agen for more on these themes).

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 71  The date 1607 and the pursuit of astronomers fits to the date Joseph Juste Scaliger was decried for using astronomic cycles to replace biblical calendars.There are two anagrams relevant to Joseph Scaliger in the third line. These are Scaloger Manilis with the name Scaloger possibly being an encripted version indicating Joseph the son of Jules Scaliger through the inclusion of the second letter from the son's name. Similarly Manilis becomes Manilius by inclusion of the second letter of Josephs second name (Juste). Joseph Scaligers historical dating methodology was first publised in a volume titled Manilius in 1579. (Note: the same swap of of for u in the lettering for Nostredamus (es a┼┐tronom = Nostredamos) also occurs in this same verse)

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

1. Saddest omens sombre readings addressing retrocessional correlations
2. Centuries-lines centuries-rules ensures search bases ban inset cruelties
3. Milans explicitnesses parts solemnal existences graces
UXA caress unequal ornateness lauux Norse stars reuse
The number of astronomers grows so great,
that they are banished and their books burned
In the year 1607 by sacred glomes
so that none will be safe from the holy ones.
Croiſtra le nombre ſi grand des aſtronomes
Chaſſez bannis et liures cenſurez
L'an mil ſix cens et ſept par ſacre glomes
Que nul aux ſacres ne ſeront aſſeurez.

This verse shows some intriguing variations in the manner of the anagrams encodement when dealing with topics where his name and his Pophecies were the focus. In these verses uses sophisticated splitting techniques so in this verse the second line holds an anagram for centuries in two parts that are separated by the the letter 'l'. This lone letter combines with the remaining lettering to the left of that for centuries to form an anagram for line while on the right it forms an anagram for rules. The resultant anagrams 'centuries-lines. and 'centuries-rules' are very topical and only occur in this line of verse. Similar splits occur in the first line and involve his name and variants on astronomy related words. This technique is taken to a further extreme in an earlier verse  C.02 Q.86 which holds a split anagram for Michel Nostredame and whole anagrams for comets and story.

  1. <some Correlations><retroCeSsional moon Star addreSsing><iS learnt dreading Sombre Stars><Saddest moron><noStredamos readingS><aStronomers-reloCationS addreSsing><Stores-aStronomiC addreSsing>montreal
  2. <centuries-lines ban><centuries-rules><cruelties enSure ban sin z-z chases>curies inSecure <leninist baSez><utilise cenSures><insane cruelties baSez>
  3. <SoLemnal explicitneSS(es) graceS partS><miLans /maniLi's exiStences>
  4. <acrux's uneQual Sense reSonateS><ornateneSS sCares uxual lune>
1: Nostredamos, centuries-rules, saddest, centuries-lines, retrocessional, correlations, insecure,
2: explicitnesses, addressing, solemnal, Leninist,ostraciser,  parapets, utilise, censures, queenz, bassez, banz,
3: existences, mesotrons, cruelties, bromines, ensurez, sombre, Caspar, census, basez,
4: Lamberton, melanism, unequal, acruxes, archez, 
5: utricles, resonates, unseats, qneuu, baze,
6: ornateness, dreading, graces, uxual,
7: Montreals, sentinal, Manilis,
8: Montrose / Rosemont,  lauu, Grec,
9: orientals / relations,
10: resonate, Salome, trials / trails, Iseult, cruise / Curies, Essene,
11: -
12: moron, comes, rescue / secure, grace, cxi, xci, neuu,
13: Montreal,
14: -
15: entrails / latrines, almoner, Patras, stars,
16: realist,
17: saddens,
18: Milans, insane, Eddas,
19: treasons, Moon, Arcas,
20: Septet, alone,
21: -
22: Orlean, seminal, caress.

retrocessional, centuries-lines, centuries-rules, correlations, Nostredamos, mamelons, insecure, saddest, explicitnesses, addressing, ostraciser, solemnal, Leninist, parapets, utilise, censures, queenz, bassez, banz, existences, mesotrons, astronome, cruelties, bromines, ensurez, sombre, Caspar, census, basez, Lamberton, melanism, unequal, acruxes, archez, utricles, resonates, unseats, qneuu, baze, ornateness, dreading, graces, uxual, Montreals, sentinal, Manilis, Montrose, law, Greek, relations, resonate, Salome, trials, Iseult, Curies, Essene, moron, comes, secure, grace, cxi, new, entrails, almoner, Patras, stars, realist, saddens, Milans, insane, Eddas, treasons, Moon, Arcas, Septet, alone.


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