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Nostradamus C8 Q72: Calvin's writings underpin war for souls of the poor.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse contains an anagram for Cauvin which was John Calvin's birth name and their is another for inner-soul and together these determine a background of Protestantism for the Prophecy. Other anagrams such as pauperism, freedom and persuader help define the focus of this Calvinic force. When combined with the text it helps identify the verse as having 16thC relevance to his patrons.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

emphatic pauperism Supper map pamper uprisen repulsion modern fiat feed innersoul freedom
Champ Peruſin o l'enorme deffaite

elect once  persuader lift out unearned departures
Et le conflit tout au pres de Rauenne

sages oracles [c]onquers once learns fates false Rafael passages
Paſſage ſacre lors qu'on ſera la feste

Cauvin quaver [s]uch a manual German Vienna reveal unique quin waiver
Vainqueur vaincu cheval manger la venne
Oh what a huge defeat on the Perugian battlefield
and the conflict very close to Ravenna.
A holy passage when they will celebrate the feast,
the conqueror banished to eat horse meat.
Champ Peruſin o l'enorme deffaite
Et le conflit tout au pres de Rauenne
Paſſage ſacre lors qu'on ſera la feste
Vainqueur vaincu cheval manger la venne
L1: <emphatic in perus><upper machines><radioelement ion suffer> epirusethic haematic repulsion uprisen uprise map supper centuries empatic pauperism lone ruins modern freedom online cheat innersoul achem leonor

L2: <elect no lift out neurean departures> pasture undersea unearned redsea oncelt once persuade tilt pastured persuader clone

L3: <acreages set pass on alfares><arsenal passages> reason fates graces oracles gasses aflare fleas cages alef sagas orleans rafael safe gases

L4: reveal unique chain-curve qneuu engram uuaiver vernal german velar cauvin
1: repulsion, emphatic, haematic, acreages, freedom, supper,
2: chaincurve, pauperism, innersoul, uuaiver, manval,
3: passages, elonor, leonor, gasses, upper, have,
4: departures, chaucin,
5: unearned, mangle, unique, qneuu, cages, tilt,
6: undersea, alfares, graces, reveal,
7: quorrels, iffated, passage, arsenal, sagas,
8: uprisen, ethic,
9: flection, neurean, vanir,
10: persuader, modern,
11: vernal, achem, ruins,
12: pastured, cauvin, readers,
13: oracles, vienna, alfa,
14: online,
15: elusion, oncelt, oracle, velar, fates, feast,
16: venal, false, fleas,
17: -
18: pasture, lift,
19: aflare, rafael,
20: engram, german, gases, sages,
21: mange, feste,
22: cheat, teach,
23: -

repulsion, emphatic, haematic, acreages, freedom, supper, pauperism, innersoul, waiver, manual, passages, Leonor, gasses, upper, have, departures, unearned, mangle, unique, cages, tilt, undersea, Alfares, graces, reveal, quorrels, passage, arsenal, sagas, uprisen, ethic, flection, Vanir,: persuader, modern, vernal, achem, ruins, pastured, Cauvin, readers, oracles, Vienna, alfa, online, elusion, fates, venal, false, pasture, lift, aflare, Rafael, German, gases, sages, teach.

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