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Nostradamus C8 Q73: Mutiny as Man made changes lead to rapid ocean rise releasing toxins and massive tremors.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrammatic terms in this verse imply this is a modern day assassination story. This theme comes from terms such as sapropel (organic mud layer), strontiumide and uranite all of which are part of scientific vocabulary. The death described appears to be part of a mutiny during a raid on a depot holding nuclear materials and as such it fits into the havoc of the 22nd century when nuclear waste is the catalyst for war.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

Arab barrel enlarges sapropel ordeals dragonry foray appear sold papers
Soldat Barbare le grand Roy frappera

mutinies unities men entonement lose strontiumide
Iniustement non eſlongne de mort

redeem feud fiat causes real aura
L'auare mere du fait cauſe ſera

tremor water uranite interwar regret modern ruction endanger gene
Coniurateur et regne en grand remort
The king is struck by a barbarian soldier,
unjustly, not far from death.
The greedy will be the cause of the deed,
conspirator and realm in great remorse.
Soldat Barbare le grand Roy frappera
Iniustement non eſlongne de mort
L'auare mere du fait cauſe ſera
Coniurateur et regne en grand remort
L1: <arab ordeals><danger appears at old><radon fray> dory barba dragonry barb leopards sapropel elgebar solar barer foray papers barrel anger loadstar operas enlarged largebear apep elgebra enlarger ordnary

L2: <it need more minutes><long need in timor><sonnet unites men> entonement intuits nelson onement unities strontiumide none mode loosen units mutinies tonne genes olden

L3: <~mere aural era it causes feud`><releases aura redeem>

L4: <tremor endanger truer gene><regret uuater><greet interuuar> croton gangrene ruction uranite uuaiter ruin touraine regent
1: strontiumide, entonement, interuuar, eustacies, largebear, suitcase, usasect,
2: mutinies, loadstar, intuits,
3: eructation, minutes, surcease, elgebra, elgebar, uuaiter,
4: sapropel, dufaict, leopards,
5: ruction, unities,
6: -
7: onement, barrel, foray,
8: gangrene, causes,
9: touraine, demoter, appears, loosen, freud,
10: modern,
11: loads, units, mutes,
12: nelson, regret, fray,
13: ordeals,
14: uuater, redeem, load,
15: tremor, sold,
16: uranite,
17: dragonry, ordnary,
18: endanger, timor, aural, laura,
19: rondy,
20: -
21: caut,
22: croton,
23: -

Key Ideas:

strontiumide, oldengenes, entonement, interwar, eructation, eustacies, LargeBear, mutinies, sapropel, ruction, surcease, Elgebar, waiter, dragonry, unities, gangrene, endanger, appears, ordeals, loosen, modern, barrel, causes, uranite, foray, Nelson, loads, water, tremor.


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