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Nostradamus C8 Q74: An invader's treachery is welcomed by people of David's line.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagram that helps place this verse in time is the one for eucrite in the last line for this relates to a stony meterite and Nostradamus' fire in the sky events take place late in the 21st century. This together with the anagram for electrons links this verse to the story of the Arab invasion within the newly inundated South of France(early 22ndC)

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

ten reenter few return by naive notary entry
En terre neufue bien auant Roy entre

wily subagents driven on planned Yules evil arefaction
Pendant ſubges luy viendront faire acueil

if foreparents die correlate water reified electron relocate coparents ancestor
Sa perfidie aura tel recontre

USA syndicate[e] indicat[e]s Davids-line latinised defuse secret eucrite diactin evil clique quail
Qu'aux citadins lieu de feſte et receuil
A king entered very far into the new land
while the subjects will come to bid him welcome;
his treachery will have such a result
that to the citizens it is a reception and feast
En terre neufue bien auant Roy entre
Pendant ſubges luy viendront faire acueil
Sa perfidie aura tel recontre
Qu'aux citadins lieu de feſte et receuil
L1: <reenter entry><feuu notary enter> troy aroynt aubaine anuna enubia terrene

L2: <not undiversely fair><driven on><subagent end faint pile acrue> font afire arefaction farreation fainter subagents planned a front pendant pendants frontend

L3: <repeats once><treason fire><electron aura die><parents correlate> relocate tolerance duetaria foreparents ancestor terrified coeternal reified laureate

L4: <xci latinised><street feud lies in><cit island uuax><crete quail> dauidsline eucrite centuries clique lines teeter isil
1: Dauids-line, subagents, planned,
2: undiversely, foreparents, arefaction, latinised, correlate, pendants,
3: duetaria, relocate, deifie / reified,
4: island,
5: eucrite, enubia,
6: coeternal / tolerance,
7: diactin, planed,
8: coparents, daunts, entry,
9: pendant, fainter, deuils,
10: idea,
11: fired,
12: notary, penile, cxi / xci,
13: glues,
14: afront, Silenu, bust,
15: uaried, aeria,
16: -
17: feeds, uuax,
18: clique,
19: Yules, taura, teeter,
20: ancestor, aunts,
21: fetes,
22: faint.
23: -

Davids-line, subagents, planned,undiversely, foreparents, arefaction, latinised, correlate, pendants, duetaria, relocate, reified, island, eucrite, enubia, tolerance, diactin, planed, coparents, daunts, entry, pendant, fainter, devils, idea, fired, notary, penile, cxi / xci, glues, afront, Silenu, bust, varied, aeria, feeds, wax, clique, Yules, taura, teeter, ancestor, aunts,  fetes, faint.

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