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Nostradamus C8 Q75: Allusion to Greek mathematician Apollonius and his work on conic sections sets scene for modern murder.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This quatrein contains anagrams for Apollonius and conical terms which are strongly related since the mathematics of conical sections was the notable contribution of the Greek Philosopher , Apollonius of Perga. In the context of this verse it is evident this reference is an allusion meant to describe at least one of the participants mentioned in the text. The mention of a pavilion in the text could well imply that the person is a worshipper of the moon since the philosopher also wrote a history of the Moon.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

mens bell repel fertile Norse monsters murder nemesis
Le pere et filz ſeront meurdris enſemble

repel perfect truce saddens Pau sons reeducated on Eddan Apollonius
Le prefecteur dedans ſon pauillon

towards fluids vents words enter female funeral
La mere a Tours du filz ventre aura enfle

ruder feud achieve ill feud freed - Papes no ill applies
Caiche verdure de feuilles papillon
The father and son will be murdered together,
the leader within his pavilion.
The mother at Tours will have her belly swollen with child
a verdure chest with little pieces of paper.
Le pere et filz ſeront meurdris enſemble
Le prefecteur dedans ſon pauillon
La mere a Tours du filz ventre aura enfle
Caiche verdure de feuilles papillon
L1: <fertle ensembles><repel sensible men><nemesis ruder>remount pelle elementnumbers urdr fertile zeros lift messine(metz) durer monster meton ruder fit lifetree murder

L2: <and upon sons ill><perfect rule><true dead repel><apollonius prefecture> reeducated saddens dread sadden pollen eddarun

L3: <near female><urea fluids><enter aura><touuards male><if funeral uuords relevant zeal> erato fell nervate veteran fluidz suuord venter

L4: <ill applies>conilhac(near alet) ruder achieve applies chevre chicane chievance cochineal conical spell everich verdure feed urdr achiever durer ruder freed
1: cochineal, chievance, conilhac, reeducated, prefecture, achiever, chicane, achieve, perfect, fluids, funeral, verdure, chevre,
2: apollonius, ideleful, conical, everich, pollen, liftz, fluid, evilz,
3: reinsured, fluidz, nervate, veteran,
4: touuards, lifetree, paulli,
5: applies, suuord, uuords,
6: fertile, murder,
7: apples,
8: ensembles, eructed, fell,
9: ensemble,
10: -
11: -
12: apeps,
13: urdr, urdr,
14: illuse, useill, erato, orate,
15: nemesis, messine, zeros,
16: remount, rinsed,
17: saddens,
18: lift, pelle,
19: -
20: defer, freed,
21: durer, durer, ruder, ruder,
22: -
23: -

Apollonius, chievance, reeducated, prefecture, chicane, ideleful, conical, achieve, reinsured, towards, perfect, fluids, Everich, funeral, pollen, liftz, verdure, fluidz, lifetree, ensembles, applies, veteran, lifes, fertile, words, eructed, murder, illuse, mounts, saddens, nemesis.

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