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Nostradamus C8 Q79: The poor manner in which 21st C religious crusaders behave.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 8 Quatrain 79 Gorgon blood rejuvenates Fathers line in the the year that Ukraine burials annoy IranThis verse is strongly linked to the themes in C8 Q78 and relates to the tale found throughout the prophecies of the Jesus clone and his son who both are gifted speakers and lead Crusading armies. The text carries the clone links through its reference to blood conceived anew. There is also a hint that this family is from a strange land which fits with the notion that the Jesus clone is of Middle-European descent.

The text's reference to the Gorgon's blood links this to C9 Q84 where there is a reference to the Medusine device. These provide an allusion for the story of the Greek Furies found in Dante's inferno.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse  include:

1. Aryan doyen annoyed prefer equip Uqraine day Iran deny deeper fear
2. Fate attend after gorged on pagans langours
3. Far-seeing Tsar generates fears engrafts entire era Sefira outdate re-enter
4. Jerusalem esteem Son quaint burials my surreal allure
He whose father dies by sword, born in nunnery
upon this Gorgon's blood will conceive anew;
in a strange land he does everything to be silent
he who will burn both himself and his child.
Qui par fer pere perdra nay de Nonnaire
De Gorgon sur la ſera ſang perfetant
En terre eſtrange fera ſi tout de taire
Qui bruſlera luy meſme et ſon entant.
L1: <iran annoyed equip fear><prefer one day><panderer deny> anodyne aryan nonnaire doyen none uqraine anion quiper quire

L2: <pagans laser free><fatten on gorged urals> attend after languors surreal nasa song areas langours gorgon

L3: <seer engraft entire date era sit out><trainee touted star><strange fears reenter> farseeing entire reagents easter istar nearest terrene ratios generates terrestre artois teresa sefirat reenters steer

L4: <yerusalem teems /meets quaint nonets /sonnet><my allure rubs quaint sonnet esteem><alluuebrs esteem my quaint sonnet><my rules> reburials surreal blurs allures quintant memes laurel tonne
1: reburials, annoyed,
2: outdate, quintant, Yerusalem, farseeing, Menoetes, engraft, gorged, doyen, Aryan,
3: languors, langours, nonnaire, attired,
4: lymeus, fatten, prefer,
5: pagans,
6: uqraine, fairest, sefirat, allure, entiree,
7: esteems,
8: gored,
9: allures, gorge, esteem,
10: touted,
11: anion,
12: blurs, deny,
13: surreal, surreal, pangs,
14: -
15: entones, quiper,
16: reenters, inaner,
17: -
18: trainee, rubles, tenant, rulers, ranni,
19: tirade, day,
20: generates, teenagers,
21: -
22: outed, song, fate,
23: panderer, sefira,

Yerusalem, generates, outdate, re-enter, reburials, far-seeing star quintant, langours, annoyed, Menoetes, engraft, Lymeus, doyen, attired, fairest, pagans, fatten, Aryan,  esteems, prefer, tout, surreal, allures, tenant, blurs, tirade, rulers, deny, anodyne, allures, gored, gorge, touted, surreal, pangs, entones, inaner, trainee, tenat, rulers, fate, somg, Sefira, panderer.

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