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Nostradamus C8 Q81: Dnieper river as location for desolation of Russia Belarus and Ukraine
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015 ,Feb 2023

List of verses in Superape seriesThe location for this verse is quite specific as a result of both the text and the anagrams. It involves the Dneiper River flowing from north-west Russia, through Belarus and Ukraine to the Black Sea. In doing so it flows past what is now the concrete tomb of the failed Chernobyl reactor. The anagrams reveal medical terms related to birth and illnesses of the throat and reproduction which are consistent with radiation sicknesses.

Epistle quote for Barren Lady in period of desolationThis verse is an important contributor to many of Nostradamus story lines. In this role of contributor it is part of the two brother series and acts as the pairing element for  C2 Q95. That verse's text mentions the brothers at  a time that is decribed in a similar way to that of the current verse. C8 Q81 is the only verse in this series that has a strong , large cluster of anagrams. This fits with its need to contribute to several themes.

However it has an indirect connection to the brothers via their mother, the once barren Lady. In the above quote which is part of  series about the wars within her empire it uses the term desolation. Tha word appears twice in this verse once in the text and once as an anagram but nowhere else in his work.

There is also a cipher for emotions in this verse which makes it one of the leading headers for many of the stories told in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

There are other anagrams that tie these events into a later period at about the time of the fire from the sky. (See my papers for Nuclear Events and Fire from the Sky for more.)

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C8 Q81 emotion cipher providing modern trail headersThe word desolation occurs correctly as defolation in the first line of the French text and as the English word desolation (otion De la S) in the anagrams of the third line. Conversely the English anagrams of defolation are deflation or defoliant both of which fit to the concept of great trouble that is the focus of the third line of text. So despite the different spelling across the two languages the context of each occurrence reinforces the presence of the other.

There are many anagrams tying this to the begotten status of Jesus theme. These include Lordsname (ndra l'eſmo), foetal (efolat), research (re Sera ch) and mortalised (dra l'eſmoti). Also in the anagrams is one for elations which becomes the emotion Nostradamus chose to describe the impact in his mind at the time this vision was first experienced.

The new empire in desolation
will be changed from the Northern Pole.
From Sicily will come such trouble that
it will bother the enterprise tributary to Philip.
Le neuf empire en defolation
Sera change du pole aquilonaire
De la Sicile viendra l'eſmotion
Troubler l'emprise a Philip tributaire.
  1. <fume predefine><dnieper (Nth Eur river) fume><enfold prime elation><no deflation / defoliant enfueL><~foetal need prime ion enfueL~>
  2. <poundage (tax on export/import) equal iran oil Search><careerS hang> <agen reSearch><lion ariEs achenar (star in Eridanus -river)><aSchere (Sirius star)>< aSchera (main belt asteroid)><~archerieS equal a lion poundage~><archange reacheS>archaean (geologic age)
  3. <civiliSe a mortaliSed olDen end><~olDen civiliSe learned omitS~> <civiliSe leaD into lordSname><~icelanDS toilSome evil rained~><maleS Desolation><invader ion moleSt iDealS><ci evil emotionS iDealS learned>
  4. <simpler bluer heap rout><prime shape><but air trip Phial Trouble empires><~Perispermal (embryo nutrition layer) philitri airtube Trouble~>sePhira
1: desolation, deflation / defoliant, toilsome, poundage, predefine, archeries,
2: demotions, civilise, Dnieper,
3: perispermal, mortalised, tributari, Aquilino, Icelands, atribute, changed, Philip, Iolande, research, Arachne / archean / Achenar, foetal, 
4: Sephira, enfold, phial, float,
5: motions, airtube,
6: emotions, elation, molest, enfuel, phase, shape,
7: simpler, leonine, lineone,
8: Lordsname, mortalise,
9: Aschere, reaches, salic,
10: alienor, anarch, Salome, careers, easier,
11: motion, fume,
12: Aschera,
13: -
14: online, moist, omits, abut,
15: -
16: -
17: bluer, ruble, most,
18: heap, but,
19: Pamiers, empires / premise, primes, repine,
20: ideals, rioter,
21: rouble, omit, hip,
22: foal, Iona.
23: -

desolation, deflation, defoliant, toilsome, poundage, predefine, archeries, demotions, civilise, Dnieper, perispermal, mortalised, tributari, Aquilino, Icelands, atribute, changed, Philip, Iolande, research, Achenar, foetal, Sephira, enfold, phial, float, motions, airtube, emotions, elation, molest, enfuel, phase, shape, simpler, leonine, Lordsname, mortalise, Aschere, reaches, Salic, alienor, anarch, Salome, careers, easier, motion, fume, Aschera, online, omits, abut, ruble, most, heap, but, Pamiers, premise, primes, repine, ideals, rioter,rouble, omit, hip, foal, Iona.

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