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Nostradamus C8 Q84: Religious radicalisation of Sicilians happens in the 22ndC.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C8 Q84 Five hundred years from 1558 a Holy Vendetta attends to an unfiltered dust hazard in the Adriatic regionThis verse advances the theme emerging in the preceding quatreins which ofer a story of people from the Aegaen Seas who become radicalised by Islamists and then are ruthlessly used to crew unstable spaceships.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Parent roared ripe ideals enter circle relic radicalise
2. Dugouts site upholder tried rephiltered dust to soul pleasures
3. Intense interracial enquiries quincentenaries acquire equal Juras
4. Holy vendetta attended olive oil detonative fuels hourly if sleep depletes
Paterno will hear the cry from Sicily,
all the preparations in the Gulf of Trieste;
it will be heard as far as Trinacrie
flee flee so many sails the dreaded pestilence.
Paterne orra de la Sicile crie
Tous les apreſts du goulphre de Trieſte
Qui s'entendra juſque a la trinacrie
De tant de voiles fuy fuy l'horrible peſte.
L1: <ice-particles ideals><i repeat one circle is><ideals enter a roar><parent roar> replicate icicles epicircle price alcaides radicalise salic cecil pirate pierce isil silica

L2: <louts trespassed><tried setout><to plough dusts pleasures><sparse dugouts outlets rephiltered> ditherer espousal soul solutes retired tiered lapses trussed trieste

L3: <quincentenaries trail><i sent juras train acquire equal end ardent anticar enquiries> unites djarun jura centuries equals cirque inquest acquire quietens interracial acquire altair trianacrie atrial altar equines intense

L4: <horribly detonative fuels depletes fuy(near>< oil vendetta fuse><dove flies><voted lifes> reims) attended advent holy sleep hourly date sepdet fusile elsufi deepest oeil iove detest olive tested bleep
1: quincentenaries, radicalise, holy, vendetta, dusts, interracial, attended, hourly, rephiltered, detonative,  epicircle, dugouts, voted, horribly,
2: upholder, enquiries, alcaides, plough, ditherer, icicles, depletes, djarun, circle,
3: trespassed, espousal, sparsest, anticar, advent, dove,
4: retired, elsufi, fusile, pierce, cecil, juras,
5: bleep, jura,
6: outlets, olives,
7: fuly,
8: quietens, acquire, steeple, altair, atrial,
9: replicate, inquest, salic, ciper, price, glou,
10: -
11: pleasures, cirque, deepest,
12: detest, tested,
13: equals, files, flies, lifes,
14: -
15: -
16: intense, aqueus, uuaqes, iove, fuy,
17: olive,
18: solutes, fuels, dust,
19: peratic,
20: ideals, sepdet,
21: -
22: horrible, solute, altar, herd,
23: relic, tired, tried,

interracial, quincentenaries, rephiltered, detonative, Trianacrie, horribly, radicalise, upholder, dugouts, epicircle, trespassed, vendetta, enquiries, attended, Alcaides, hourly, plough, espousal, depletes, sparsest, replicate, circle, voted, holy, dusts, acquire, advent, pleasure

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