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Nostradamus C8 Q85: Overly officious leaders in the Nothsea region react to the injurious effects of space mining.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C8 Q85 Sth West France coastal towns poetry mentions superofficious adjuationsThis verse gives more details onpace mining activities and its effects on those who crew the ships. Their launch site is in Southern France and their route takes them on acourse near Mars. One of the impacts of the flight journey is to inhibit normal maturation and the crew return with weakened bone structures that cause them to suffocate in bed without assistance when they return to Earth.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. None enter East bay exuberantly as in deluxe jet anyone exuberant betray neoteny
2. Emeralds polar era raise postmortal motto alarms 
3. Danixh Northsea a shorter era alter alQuid uxual lux
4. Lunatics adjust uprises poetry actualise superofficious adjurations
Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz
will be placed the promontory of Mars.
To the Hanix of North Nanar removes the lamp
then suffocate in bed without assistance.
Entre Bayonne et a Saint Jean de Lux
Sera poſe de Mars la promottoire
Aux Hanix d'Aquilon Nanar hoſtera lux
Puis ſuffocque au lict ſans adjutoire.
L1: <~and none eat exuberantly as in jet><anyone in a deluxe jet seat><none betray><asian jet> next annoy neoteny attains barytone neaten senate astatine jean

L2: <postmortal dreams><alarms depose><~polar motto aries dreams pose~><dreamless operas> aesop motor

L3: <on a shorter lux uxa danixh quail><northsea annan(sw scotland) oil><anonna lateraux(fr mumbled from side of mouth)> nolan host shot others lauux aquilon those rahn uuax

L4: <superofficious lunatics adjust><actualise><uueacq(weak) adjurations(solemn oaths> auue satans uuaqe
1: superofficious, adjurations, exuberantly, postmortal, exuberant, lunatics, lateraux, adjust, motto, anonna, annan,
2: barytone, danixh, betray,
3: dreamless, sharon,
4: actualise, astatine, attains, neoteny, uuisps, sorath, bayore, alarms, ethos, theos, those,
5: anothers, northsea, banter, moor, room,
6: depose, uxual, annoy, nolan, rhan, rahn, anna,
7: shorter, anyone, others, motor, rohan,
8: neaten, jet,
9: emeralds, short, aesop,
10: yonne,
11: uueacq, aquid, quida, naxi, jut,
12: -
13: opera, next,
14: uprises, host, ualue, uueal,
15: despo, posed, bay,
16: -
17: uuax,
18: satans,
19: -
20: dreams, off,
21: -
22: medea, coq,
23: deluxe, senate, berta, asia, aisa,

superofficious, adjurations, exuberantly, postmortal, exuberant, lunatics, lateraux, adjust, motto, anonna, annan, barytone, Danish, betray, dreamless, Sharon, actualise, astatine, attains, neoteny, wisps, alarms, ethos, theos, those, anothers, Northsea, banter, moor, room, depose, usual, annoy, Nolan, Anna, shorter, anyone, others, motor, rohan, neaten, jet,emeralds, short, aesop, weak, aquid, quida,  jut, opera, next,uprises, host, value, posed, bay, wax, Satans, dreams, off, Medea, deluxe, senate, Asia.

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