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Nostradamus C0 Q86: Chemical-rich flood containing dormant biogens changes the future.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C8 Q86 Pyrenees Wars ooliths molten silver radiants leproma torrents tortures and tormentsThis verse tells of the uprise against the mining corporations at their base in Southern France. Their upset is caused by the radiation effects on the populace and plantlife as well as its impact on DNA in ancient sediments.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Thin ooliths loose silver Franq parque refill
2. Fiend omen molten nifedipine leproma radiant banned
3. Here Persias patron upraises Qlan plant ruin apes
4. Anyone boorish enter route robust torrent anabrotic botany tortures
Through Emani, Tolosa and Villefranche,
an infinite band through the mountains of Adrian.
Passes the river, Cambat over the plank for a bridge
Bayonne will be entered all crying Bigoree.
Par Arnani tholoſer ville franque
Bande infinie par le mont Adrian
Paſſe riuiere Hurin par pont la planque
Bayonne entrer tous Bihoro criant.
L1: <fear hot lovers ill><viral spore><palenque far viler><thin loose><livers ran>fell ooliths hint franque arinna quran silver solo lothian(scotland)

L2: <banned raid><montreal pine><redamnation in fine band><leproma radiant><pleroma radiant> patrolmen a brain omen telamon almoner nifedipine planometer rainband palermo fiend plainer enif molten dormant triad meton dianne emperial morale omental repeal rapi

L3: < plan><here unique ruin arises><pass palenque> persias pall not pain patronal upraises up raises patron qlan serapis tonal paques huri

L4: <anyone enter routes><tortures annoy><inhabit corro bay> torrent anabrotic antibaryon boorish none robust botany terrene rho yonne
1: redamnation, antibaryon, nifedipine, anabrotic, patrolmen, patronal, rainband, ooliths, boorish, lothian, botany, corro,
2: planometer,
3: bactrian, telamon, radiant, banned, arinna,
4: franque, lovers, livers, silver,
5: robust, dianne,
6: dormant, tortures, annoy, loose,
7: leproma, Palermo, torture, anyone, hint, thin,
8: pauses, liver, viler, qlan, fell,
9: piraeuss, upraises, pasque, paques, bouts, brain,
10: rotter, yonne,
11: radia,
12: emperial, uneqal,
13: montreal, molten,
14: morale, plant, fiend,
15: almoner, bay,
16: radian, oslo, solo,
17: torrent,
18: plainer, triad, ranni,
19: persias, praises, serapis,
20: -
21: -
22: -
23: apron, here,

Key Ideas:.

redamnation, antibaryon, nifedipine, anabrotic, patrolmen, patronal, rainband, ooliths, boorish, lothian, botany, planometer, bactrian, Telamon, radiant, banned, franque, lovers, silver, robust, Dianne,  dormant, tortures, annoy, loose, leproma, Palermo, torture, anyone, hint, pauses, liver, viler, qlan, fell, upraises, Pasque, Paques, bouts, brain, rotter, radia, emperial, Montreal, molten, morale, plant, fiend, almoner, bay, radian, Oslo, solo, plainer, triad, Ranni, Persias,  apron, here.

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