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Nostradamus C8 Q87: Technology for mining DNA in space has dangerous flaws.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse is a commentary on the harvesting of comets in space and its impact on those who mine it as well as those who reap indirect harm from its products. The anagrams reference the same story and link in technical aspects as well as failings in the miners technology.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

efficient comet inspector consort precontrives perennial invader
Mort conspiree viendra en plein effect

atomic-greed charged on event voyage chromated
Charge donnee et voiage de mort

Persians rapidness Epicureans aruspice defines fiat cruelest / lectures
Eſleu cree receu par ſiens deffait

preformatory stranding encoding tune-cadence of prefatory prayer
Sang d'innocence deuant foy par remort
A death conspired will come to its full effect,
the charge given and the voyage of death.
Elected, created, received ( then ) defeated by it
in remorse the blood of innocence in front of him.
Mort conspiree viendra en plein effect
Charge donnee et voiage de mort
Eſleu cree receu par ſiens deffait
Sang d'innocence deuant foy par remort
L1: <invader receptions><plane driven><line effect><comet precontrives> croton inceptors pioneers inspector enif prison conspire adrienne

L2: <none charged><modern age chart><inn devotee> diagometer ectoderm devoteeimage atomicgreed chromate adige chort arch

L3: <epicureans daffiest><persians cruelest><fiats defines clues><cure puce> lectures aruspice effendis fealties rapidness readiness upraise piraeus pairs cruelties

L4: <tremor sang><as preformatory encoding><prayer of amstrong><once fecundate> font enuncated tunecadence angstrom parry prefatory stranding unfaceted rare dantsig tremors armorer odinn menastor astron matrones standing prearm
1: preformatory, precontrives, devoteeimage, atomicgreed, tunecadence, diagometer, prefatory, fecundate, unfaceted, enuncated, effendis, dantsig, fealties,
2: encoding, standing, rapidness, daffiest, ectoderm, readiness, effect,
3: stranding, epicureans, angstrom, amstrong, chromate, cruelties, perennial, conspire, concede, defines,
4: consort, charged, pioneers, unfated, armorer, prayer,
5: receptions, inspector, inceptors, aruspice, parry,
6: chort,
7: vesperin, cruelest, lectures, iffated, odinn, adige,
8: comet, gored,
9: demoter, tremors, charge,
10: veto, vote,
11: -
12: penile,
13: adrienne,
14: matrons, prison, chart,
15: persians, tremor,
16: matrones, menastor, nearmost, piraeus, upraise,
17: -
18: endnear,
19: -
20: spin,
21: -
22: croton,
23: -

diagometer, precontrives, preformatory, atomic-greed, tune-cadence, prefatory, stranding, fecundate, Epicureans, encoding, rapidness, Dantsig, daffiest, Angstrom, inspector, concede, chromate, perennial, cruelties, consort, conspire, aruspice, defines, Vesperin, lectures, effect, nearmost, Croton, prison.


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