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Nostradamus C8 Q88: Emotional triggers to visions of 21st C biological mutations.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C8 Q88 In modern times a new interpretation of the Jesus story emerges in AfricaIn the first four verses that I have presented within the series showing the rituals Nostradamus' employed to trigger his experiences and their recall a pattern has begun in which flowers and colours are used as emotional stimulators for different spiritual levels. The text of this current verse has two topics which make it a candidate for holding more information on this theme. These two reference points are in the last two line with the third being highly suggestive of the use of several colours to deliver the required resonances and the fourth involves a trance like state where various forces come to life.

And there is enough in the nagrams to increase our interest for it holds anagrams for immortaliser, vineyard and sclerotium the last of which refers to a compact mass of hardened fungal mycelium containing food reserves. One role of sclerotia is to survive environmental extremes. There are also anagrams for comets and spores which fits closely to the ideas found throughout the prophecies in relation to objects from the sky delivering nutrients that change evolution on this planet. This then implies colours such as green, yellow and white linked to thoughts of these plants provided Nostradamus with entry to the realm of biological mutation.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Alas Verdandi lands given evening drainages nobler vineyard role
2. Queen retained equatorions royal-muse role
3. Pauls wiser source rules well cause cosy radion icon uprisal
4. Yule memes aspersion comets come in immortaliser memorials  session
A noble king will come to Sardinia,
who will only rule for three years in the kingdom.
He will join with himself several colors;
he himself, after taunts, care spoils slumber.
Dans la Sardeigne vn noble Roy viendra
Que ne tiendra que trois ans le royaume
Plusieurs coulleurs auec ſoy coniondra
Luy meſmes apres ſoin ſomeil marrit scome
L1: <lanDs vineyard drainageS Role><a lanDs vineyard raiSed><oveRly drained><alaS sanD ridge><alaS sanD reigned><alaS vineyard given red Sand><ivory noble evening><a lanDs readingS>verDandi (Norse Goddess of Fate)

L2: <mayu Queen retained orleans><sensorial equator><mayu Queen role assertion><quaestorian (finance officer) roles><quare (legal query) end arsonist role Quieten mayu><rainless equator><quare rations roles>quarter ratios

L3: <uuell source cause cosY radon ion uprisal><uuiser rules cause locus (central place) coSy ion Pardon><coSy radon ion cause ulcerous rules><radon ion Plus curies><scour ieuus allures> usuries ordain odinn (Norse God) uuars cruises

L4: <immortaliser Session> <~my sclerotium (small fungal bodies) aSpersions Seem memorialS~><sporeS as memeS (cultural carriers) in some><it comes><same monies Spores><eloim (Jews first name for God) SeSsion remaps Lyseum><yuLe memeS>
1: quaestorian, immortaliser, lands vineyard, uuell source, sclerotium, memorials,
2: overly, aspersion,
3: equator, quarter, ivory, nasals,
4: evening, session, 
5: aspersions, vineyard, reigned, cosy,
6: comets, ulcerous, rainless, cruises,
7: assertion, Verdandi, regained, Odinn, queme,
8: drainages, quieten, spores, causes,
9: allures, nobler, Eloim,
10: uprisal, crouus, cruise /curies, given, dirge / ridge,
11: -
12: ordain, Gedi, 
13: interned, coy,
14: monies / Simeon, uuars,
15: arsonist, suuear / uuares / uuears,
16: drained, usuries, sorely, 
17: Ieuus / uuise,
18: repasses, uuell,
19: amperes, uuiles, noble,
20: -
21: Queen,
22: retained, uuiser,
23: Simon.

quaestorian, immortaliser, aspersion, well source, equator, ivory, quarter, vineyard, drainages, sorely, quieten, sclerotium, spores, Verdandi, assertion, reigned, regained, queme, Odinn, memorials, causes, nobler, Eloim, uprisal, cosy, comets, evening, session, ulcerous, rainless, cruises, given, ridge, drained, Jews, monies, noble, Queen, ordain, usuries.

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