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Nostradamus C8 Q89: A ruler harvests his children's organs in order to be king.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the 22ndC organ harvesting from the young to keep aged rulers alive becomes legal. This story tells the fate of one such victim and prepares the way for explaining its importance for future man.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

couple portune mute intermembranes outnumber mideastern maidens Son clone
Pour ne tumber entre mains de ſon oncle

recruited rapers gene equips finesse Jesus fans see
Qui ſes enfans par regner trucidez

Pau (S. France) ornate plume patient template resupplied clone splendour
Orant au peuple mettant pied ſur Peloncle

antimodernness torment enter laws entrenches bards usual entreaties
Mort et traiſne entre cheuaulx bardez
In order not to fall into the hands of his uncle
who slaughtered his children in order to reign.
Pleasing with the people, putting his foot on Peloncle
dead and dragged between armored horses.
Pour ne tumber entre mains de ſon oncle
Qui ſes enfans par regner trucidez
Orant au peuple mettant pied ſur Peloncle
Mort et traiſne entre cheuaulx bardez
L1: <antimodernness ember clone><maidens son outnumber><intermembranes condones><mideastern son number-enter> no couple midseason rebutment sends raiment aim dianes-son marie noones tune neuuport marines terrene daimoness eber secondson raiments soon

L2: <current equisized><span far centuries> finesse rare iesus gene truer sense recruited regrasp regent fans

L3: <ornate dispute><template resupplied><super natural clone> colonel repulsed splendour petroleum patient upside leprous oracle disputer preludes orlean coroneal depriues

L4: <entreaties torment><centre razed><baxlauu cheer> uuhale ehuua arsenite brazed entrenches nitrates straiten transit lx istar strait ualue tristan artist intense traits auue totter morze lauux
1: antimodernness, intermembranes, numberenter, resupplied, outnumber, equisized, secondson, splendour, entrenches, rebutment, recruited, entreaties, baxlauu, current, finesse,
2: dianesson, condones, coroneal, template, uuhale, return, quiz,
3: daimoness, midseason, colonel, dispute, couple, brazed,
4: neuuport, disputer, patient, noones,
5: ermesinda, recruit, ehuua,
6: mideastern, uxual, razed,
7: intenser, connel,
8: regrasp, lauu,
9: transit, tristan, artist, strait, traits, plume, trait, ember,
10: raiments, nitrates, straiten, depriues, upside,
11: trench,
12: preludes, repulsed,
13: -
14: paint, ualue, uueal,
15: oracle,
16: maidens, intense, bard,
17: raiment, iesus, issue, soon,
18: portune, sends,
19: marines, remains, bared, bread, reaon,
20: arsenite, inept, spied,
21: centre, center, recent,
22: orlean,
23: -

antimodernness, intermembranes, resupplied, outnumber, equisized, rebutment, entrenches, splendour, recruited, entreaties, DianesSon, daimoness, condones, mideastern, coroneal, template, current, Jesus, Newport, colonel, patient, couple, finesse, maidens, nitrates.

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