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Nostradamus C8 Q90: The cloning of a Jesus-gene upsets other religions.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Each line of the text of this verse is linked to a different religion practised during early Roman times, the first involves Christ, the second is the Mithraic Mysteries, the third that of Saturn and the fourth is linked to the diffuse religion of the ancient Greeks through King Priam of Troy. An anagrammatic clue within each line helps define the religion relevant to that line. In the first line there is Jesus ( iSez v), in the second there is Judaeus ( ieu du ſa), the third has Cronos ( orc ſon) and the fourth holds Polydorus ( oy plus ord), the youngest son of Priam.

The purpose of this verse is the provision of broad guidelines to those multi-faith events that Nostradamus used to attune his future visions. The futuristic scenario invoked involves the attitudes of various groups that drive one of them to try cloning 'Jesus-sourced' genes and which causes dramatic reactions from the others.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

equal Eddan coders size version wrote 'isezv' sensed Jesus troubledness
Quand des cro iſez vn trouue de ſens trouble

Corfu rune line wide crusade Judaeus carves rarer runa bone
En lieu du ſacre verra vn boeuf cornu

Cornelius grope comparable giver agrieve necropolis coloniser evil losers Cronos caress improvable river
Par vierge porc ſon lieu lors ſera comble

Polydorus ploy souls tenuous orders supraterraneous tunes arouse
Par roy plus ordre ne ſera ſouſtenu
When those of the cross are found their senses troubled
in place of sacred things he will see a horned bull
through the virgin the pig's place will then be fixed
order will no longer be maintained by the king.
Quand des cro iſez vn trouue de ſens trouble
En lieu du ſacre verra vn boeuf cornu
Par vierge porc ſon lieu lors ſera comble
Par roy plus ordre ne ſera ſouſtenu

Important names and themes appearing as anagrams in this verse include;

Judaeus ( ieu du ſa).

Judaeus (Philo) used philosophical allegory to attempt to fuse and harmonize Greek philosophy with Jewish philosophy.
He believed that literal interpretations of the Hebrew Bible would stifle humanity's view and perception of a God too complex and marvelous to be understood in literal human terms.

Polydorus( oy plus ord).

Polydorus is the youngest son of Priam and Hecuba in the mythology of the Trojan War.
In Homer's Greek epic the Iliad, Polydorus is depicted briefly as a foe to Achilles. According to this source, Polydorus was the youngest son of Priam, and thus his father would not let him fight. Achilles, however, sees him on the battlefield showing off his great speed running through the lines and spears him, ending his life. Seeing his brother Polydorus' death causes Hector to challenge Achilles.

Cronos( orc ſon).

Cronos, more commonly spelled "Cronus" or "Kronos", was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans in Greek mythology. His symbol was a sickle. The romans equated their God Saturn to that of Cronos (Cronus / Kronos) and they celbrated this god with a festival called Saturnalia.

At the time of the festival of Saturnalia, that is December 18 and 19, which were also holidays from public business, families conducted domestic rituals. They bathed early, an d those with means sacrificed a suckling pig, a traditional offering to an earth deity.

L1: <coders uurote troubledneSS Size ><robust verSionz uurote eQual needS><our denSest versionz uurote ><coders Sense torn ieSvz uued> sadden

L2: <corfu bone><uuieldS rare nEuron crave><iudaeuS / iuadeuS recarver lune corn><uuide lunE carveS rare corn><euil cruSade>

L3: <comParable roSes griever lie on corpSe><necropoliS griever comParable><imProvable careSs><roSes precolluSion grieve><mob careSs Prevail><eraS rePrieval comb>cronoS corneliuS / incloSure coloniSer coarSe leSion arrive

L4: <Serena order SuPraterraneouS (extraterrestrial) ploy><polydorus (son of Priam of Troy) Serene tuneS Soar uP><prolusory (tentative trial) tuneS So Serenader uProar><renderS soul tune arouSeS><sour tuneS Serenader uProar ply>
1: Polydorus, Iesvz, supraterraneous, precollusion, improvable, necropolis, prolusory, versionz, reprieval, Pylorus, griever,
2: troubledness, comparable, Cor-Leonis, coloniser, uuields, Corfu,
3: prevail, Iudaeus / Iuadeus, carve(s) / crave(s), 
4: Vrban,
5: Cornelius / inclosure, troubles, serenaders, robust, Cronos, ply,
6: serenader, densest, renders, arrive, orders, uuide,
7: river,
8: crusade, undead,
9: grieve, scorn, size,
10: outrun, uuield, giver,
11: uueeds,
12: tenuous, 
13: -
14: order,
15: elusion, serener, cursa,
16: arouses, sensed,
17: -
18: losers,
19: coma,
20: -
21: rouble, decors / coders / scored, neuron,
22: -
23: trouble, crops, caress / scares.

Polydorus, Jesus, supraterraneous, precollusion, prolusory, versions, necropolis, improvable, pylorus, reprieval, griever, comparable, troubledness, Corfu, coloniser, Urban, prevail, Judaeus, carve/s, serenaders, troubles, robust, Cronos, ply, tenuous, orders, densest, crusade, arrive, wide, river, scorn, size, losers, sensed, scored, neuron, arouses, coma, trouble.


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