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Nostradamus C8 Q91: Nostradamus returns to the story of religious war during great floods in order to supply greater detail.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 8 Quatrain 91 Michels Schema Preciseness firmly maps Princesses IncorretnessNostradamus identifies the Twilight of the Gods flood and earth renewal legends as a parallel for what happens to man over the next two thousand years.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1.My schema fyrmly maps  Mychels reasoned referents
2. Envoys envy souls closure rezones Seerz queves 
3. Brass pens preciseness uxed reconnects incorrectness eludes seer
4. Puniest ape ruled suueeping mob invents
Entered among the field of the Rodan
where those of the cross are almost united,
the two lands meeting in Pisces
and a great number punished by the flood.
Frymy les champs des Rodanes entrees
Ou les croyſez ſeront presque vnys
Les deux braſsieres en piſces rencontrees
Et vn grand nombre par deluge punis
L1: <prose(e)ddas schema seen enter><danes my referents><reasoned mychels maps> freest steer

L2: <envoys rules><zeroes clues><prevents lousy score> venously soul closure essez envy rezones noys rosy

L3: <~once six-bars enters preseen crises eludes~<preciseness><see incorrectness><ux eludes see reconnects><ux bars rise><bars seen uxed princess electrons> princesses steer

L4: <plague unites><rap ruled> puniest venturings vesting mob suueeping supine problem deluge invest
1: incorrectness, venturings, reconnects, preciseness, suueeping, mychels, referents,
2: venously, envoys, pisces,
3: princesses, vesting, eeriness, scham,
4: crises, brass, essez,
5: puniest, reasoned, samech, schema,
6: princess,
7: bonderman, bondman, invents, lousy, exurb, epics, pisce,
8: envy,
9: -
10: closer,
11: rezones, phasm, vents, series,
12: champs, deluge, zeroes,
13: -
14: closure, supine,
15: zeros,
16: alches,
17: invest,
18: freest, seerz,
19: -
20: spin, zees,
21: -
22: -
23: -

incorrectness, venturings, reconnects, preciseness, sweeping, Mychels, referents, venously, envoys, Pisces, princesses, vesting, eeriness, crises, brass, essez, puniest, reasoned, Samech, schema, princess, bonderman, bondman, invents, lousy, exurb, epics, envy, closer, rezones, phasm, vents, series, champs, deluge, zeroes, closure, supine, zeros, alches, invest, freest, seerz, spin, zees.

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