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Nostradamus C8 Q92: British leader of a Chinese based army invades Britain.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this quatrain we can see within the text the emergence of a who comes to power via a military revolution in a foreign country. As a consequence his family are imprisoned and used to bargain for that persons return however when he does so it is at the head of an invading army.

The anagrams suggest that the country in which his reputation grows is China which has long been referred to as the country of the Dragon ( Grand o) and the country to which he returns is a kingdom where there are the remnants of Eagle forts ( f oStr - age Le) once occupied by a Roman legion. The connection of the legion to the anagrams for avoid legion shroud ( dvoia - ge Loin - hors du) raises the possibility that this is an allusion to the Ninth Legion in Britain in the 2nd century AD.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

lion shroud urged gene enemies enmeshing shamanizer avoid legion dishonor
Loin hors du regne miſ en hazard voiage

cup era arranges dragon duty so study ray pours so cooly
Grand ost duyra pour ſoy l'occupera

less delineatory storage since sefirot pact fit eagle forts
Le roy tiendra les ſiens captif oſtrage

Israels torture a real reason ill payout on autopsy
A ſon retour tout pays pillera
Far distant from his kingdom a dangerous mission
he will lead a great army and keep it for himself.
The king will hold his people captive and hostage,
he will plunder the whole country on his return.
Loin hors du regne miſ en hazard voiage
Grand ost duyra pour ſoy l'occupera
Le roy tiendra les ſiens captif oſtrage
A ſon retour tout pays pillera
L1: <~Legion avoid Shamanizer shroud genre~><Legion avoid regimenS shroud><oiL age enmeShing rude horns><oiL age dishonour genre><oiL age horns Seeming rude><Shamanizer avoid roundish genre>

L2: <cooly study draGon uproarS><arranGed so pol-ar duty yourS><praGue study radon><cooly arranged ray so cup pours dust><~a sturdy draGon era cooly pourS cup~> <~So draGon era pray dust cloy our cup~><pure radon-gas duty><~porouS ray cloy draGon dust cup~>

L3: <Spaciness (quirky thinking) fit Storage real roLe><delineatory spacineSs fit Storage><ordinateLy it caps LargeSt of eSseni><~of iSraels Largest patienceS troy deni~><if eSseni deLineatory pacts So great><it Leg of piScean Star><since leSs apt trained if Storage roLe>realisEs eStragoLe (chemical)

L4: <~norSe tutor autopsy pill Area~><~pills reAson payout torture~><ArSon real route> treASon
1: shamanizer, enmeshing, dishonor, roundish, spaciness, autopsy, payout, storage, avoid,
2: sudatory, sturdy, sourly, cooly,
3: delineatory, ordinately, arytenoid, estragole, radon-gas, legators, study, soft,
4: regimens, Ovid / void,
5: slanders, seeming, shroud, spill, duty,
6: regimen, horns / shorn,
7: torture,
8: Piscean, spiller, uproars, porous, foist, Durers, Iohn, horn,
9: largest, yours,
10: -
11: -
12: dragon, arrange,
13: realises,
14: Prague, pacts,
15: pays, Vrda,
16: -
17: Israels, eagle,
18: dust,
19: -
20: arranged,
21: -
22: caps,
23: legion.

shamanizer, enmeshing, dishonor, avoid, payout, storage, delineatory, autopsy, cooly, study, radon-gas, soft, dust, seeming, slanders, shroud, regimen, torture, duty, spill, uproars, largest, dragon, yours, arrange, horns, realises, Prague, pacts, Israels, arranged, caps, eagle, legion.


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